Arthritis Care

We’re supporting Arthritis Care by donating 5p from the sale of every pack of these five Glucosamine and Joint Health supplements. Arthritis Care is a charity dedicated to helping the 10 million people in the UK living with Arthritis, with a dedicated helpline (0808 800 4050), self-management programmes and campaigning to make a positive difference. Find out more about our partnership with Arthritis Care or visit the Arthritis Care Website

May Bank Holiday offer
Optiflex Glucosamine 1000mg

Optiflex Glucosamine 1,000mg

Only 4p per day

1,000mg of vegetarian source Glucosamine HCl

  • Convenient one-daily tablet
  • Market standard 1,000mg HCl strength
  • High level of glucosamine per tablet at excellent value
3-5 month supply
5-10 month supply
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Glucosamine 1500mg

Optiflex Glucosamine 1,500mg

Only 8p per day

1,500mg of vegetarian source Glucosamine HCl

  • 40% more glucosamine than standard 2KCI
  • The most advanced form of glucosamine available
  • Our most popular glucosamine supplement
4 month supply
8 month supply
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ChondroMax® - 500mg Glucosamine & 400mg Chondroitin


Only 45p per day

500mg Optiflex Glucosamine & 400mg Chondroitin

  • 1,500mg glucosamine and 1,200mg chondroitin in each 3-tablet daily dose
  • Expert-recommended levels
  • Most economical way to obtain your glucosamine & chondroitin intake
20 day supply
40 day supply
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Joint Synergex®

Joint Synergex®

Only 54p per day

The ultimate combination of joint health nutrients

  • Optimum combination of joint health nutrients
  • Advanced formula developed by leading experts
  • Four easy to swallow tablets and capsules
28-day supply
28 day supply
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Fast Release Glucosamine 70 Plus

Fast Release Glucosamine 70 Plus

Fast acting glucosamine for the over 70s

  • 375mg Glucosamine HCl per tablet
  • Includes Calcium, Ginger and Vitamins C & D3
  • Concentrated, fast acting formula
120 capsules
1 month supply
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