Easyfibre Cleanse - Natural Psyllium Husks

The gentle way to cleanse your body and help maintain a healthy digestive system.

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"It is good as for digestion."

300 grams

Easyfibre Cleanse - Natural Psyllium Husks

300 grams

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Easyfibre® Cleanse provides a natural and simple solution to help increase your fibre intake without having to change your diet or lifestyle. Cleanse can be sprinkled over your cereal or porridge, or alternatively added to a glass of water or juice.

Easyfibre Cleanse is formulated using the highest quality seed husks from Plantago ovata, otherwise known as blonde psyllium. Psyllium husks act like a sponge in your body, gently absorbing water and waste material in your digestive system, helping to clear your body of harmful toxins, without causing any discomfort of unnatural urgency. This helps to prevent a clogged system which can lead to a build-up of toxins in the colon.

Fibre is a very important part of our diet, yet many of us don’t get the recommended minimum of 18-24g per day. In fact the British Nutrition Foundation says that people in the UK are only averaging 12g daily. This is understandable, as in order to achieve the recommended daily levels of fibre in our diet we would need to consume as many as 10 slices of wholemeal bread or 22 slices of white bread.

Our experts would recommend that anyone taking this product should also consider taking Super20® Pro and Easyfibre® FOS.

Following customer feedback Easyfibre® Cleanse now contains a finer grade of psyllium husk to help improve palatability.

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Key Benefits

  • Formulated using the highest quality seed husks from Plantago ovata, otherwise known as blonde psyllium
  • Provides a natural and simple solution to help increase your fibre intake
  • Can be sprinkled over your cereal or porridge, or alternatively added to a glass of water or juice

Nutritional Information


Take 10 grams (one heaped dessert spoon) a day for 10 to 20 days or as required to gently cleanse your body and aid a healthy digestive system. Take a break of approximately five days before restarting intake. Sprinkle husks over your favourite porridge or cereal to increase palatability, alternatively add to water or juice and drink immediately. Drink a full glass of water after intake.

Key nutritional values

Typical vales, % RDA (where applicable) in brackets:

100% Pure Psyllium Husks


Pure Psyllium Husks (Seeds of Plantago ovate forsk – Plantaginaceae family).

Reviews for Easyfibre® Cleanse

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Overall Rating: 4.17 / 5 stars, based on 18 reviews

23 July 2014

It is good as for digestion.

11 July 2014

This is my favourite way to add some gentle fibre to my diet .I have it with water or squash and sometimes just sprinkle it on breakfast cereals and drink plenty of water.

01 July 2014

Maintains healthy bowel function

01 July 2014

Helps to maintains a regular bowel movement.

25 June 2014

Does exactl;y as it says on the box.

Thank you for your review.

Sophie, Healthspan Customer Care

23 June 2014

We bought this for my wife but she hasn't used it yet.

18 June 2014

Although I am 84, I am fairly healthy and active still, but do use your Easy Fibre cleans and Reglulease. I was evacuated and hated outside toilets, so tried not to do what I should everyday and got quite ill, which has left me with a need at times for your above products. Well, that and I have to eat much too much to make things work and do not like being fat!

17 June 2014

My body needs more fibre and this is a very good way of providing it

17 June 2014

As Above

17 June 2014

As Above

17 June 2014

Prevents long constipated stretches.

Thank you for your review - It's great to hear the products are proving beneficial.

Sophie, Healthspan Customer Care

17 June 2014


Thank you for your review - It's great to hear that this product works well for you.

Sarah - Healthspan Customer Care

11 June 2014

It was recommended to me by my Bowen Therapist who suggested it due to me having a 'sluggish digestive system'. I noticed the difference soon after I started using it daily and have never looked back. I have since recommended it to family, friends and colleagues!

11 June 2014

I have been taking Omega 3 for a long time now and find them very helpful in so many ways.

11 June 2014

it works for me

04 June 2014

It did what it was supposed to do but was/is very unpleasant to take-slimy and gloopy, like wall paper paste - and I will not order it again

29 May 2014

Reliable delivery. Good range of supplements.

28 May 2014

Helps to keep regular bowel movements. Even though I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and wholemeal bread, I need a help every so often. I don't use it every day, just occasionally.

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