Garlic is a popular herb used in cooking and has a range of health benefits associated with it, making it the perfect supplement. Garlic contains a valuable sulphur compound called alliin, which, when crushed and combined with the enzyme alliinase, forms the active ingredient allicin responsible for garlic's beneficial properties.

£1 OFF Black Garlic

Black Garlic

200mg standardised extract

  • High-strength, odour controlled tablets
  • Prepared using an advanced fermentation process
  • Higher active ingredient levels than standard garlic
90 tablets
3 month supply
was £11.95
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£1 OFF Heart Synergex®

Heart Synergex®

The ultimate combination of heart health nutrients

  • Plant sterols and garlic capsule, cardio-vitamin complex tablet
  • Co-enzyme Q10 capsule, omega 3 capsule
  • Four easy to swallow tablets/capsules
28-day supply
28 day supply
was £12.95
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Garlic 1200mg_10-02-14

Garlic 1,200mg

Only 5p per day

Equivalent of 1,200mg of fresh garlic bulb

  • Odour controlled to prevent reflux
  • Standardised to provide a high, naturally absorbed allicin yield
  • Triple Strength Formula
4 month supply
8 month supply
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Garlic 800mg

Garlic 800mg

Only 8p per day

Provides the equivalent of 800mg of fresh garlic bulb

  • Contains parsley oil to neutralise odour
  • Gelatin-free capsules
  • Each capsule provides the equivalent of 800mg of fresh garlic bulb
3 month supply
6 month supply
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