Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance found in the joints of the body, as well as other places in nature. The glucosamine in Healthspan supplements is sourced from a highly sustainable corn base. The corn is processed using patent-protected technology to produce our gold-standard Optiflex glucosamine which provides 40% more glucosamine than standard glucosamine sulphate.

Optiflex Glucosamine GMX

Glucosamine Optiflex GMX®

400mg Optiflex Glucosamine with Chondroitin, MSM and Vitamin C

  • Comprehensive formula
  • Includes four complementary key nutrients
  • Economical combination
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400mg Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl and 300mg cod liver oil

  • Provides support for the areas of your body which need it most
  • Ideal way to take two popular ingredients in one convenient capsule
  • Provides 27.6mg DHA and 33.3mg EPA
  • 40% more pure glucosamine per gram
120 capsules (40-day supply)
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Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl Liquid 1,500mg

Glucosamine Optiflex® HCl Liquid 1,500mg

1,500mg Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl

  • Delicious, highly bioavailable formula
  • High-strength alternative to swallowing tablets
  • 40% more glucosamine per gram
600ml (40-day supply)
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Joint Physio®

Joint Physio®

1,500mg Optiflex Glucosamine HCl with 300mg Bromelain and 3.75mcg Vitamin D

  • Triple-action drink
  • Specifically designed for active people
  • Advanced ‘bioavailable’ formula for rapid absorption by the body
60 sachets (2-month supply)
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Glucosamine Gel

Glucosamine Gel

With oil of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Capsicum and Peppermint

  • Non-sticky easily absorbed gel
  • Added peppermint oil for its cooling and soothing properties
  • Best taken in conjunction with an oral glucosamine product
150ml Gel
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