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Nutritional Values: Typical vales per capsule, % RDA (where applicable) in brackets:

St Clement’s Flavoured High strength Omega enriched cod liver oil 1000mg
Providing Omega 3 fatty acids 435mg
Of which EPA 205mg
And DHA 155mg
Mixed tocopherols 3mg
Vitamin A 400mcg (50)
Vitamin D 5mcg (100)
Ingredients: High strength Omega enriched cod liver oil (Cod liver oil, fish oil concentrate), Fish Gelatin, Glycerin, Sweet orange oil, Lemon oil, Mixed tocopherols, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3.

Super Strength Cod Liver Oil

Providing 360mg of the essential omega 3 fatty acids

120 capsules £10.95


For me the most important thing is to achieve the highest levels of the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA on a daily basis. Always insist on the purest cod liver oil from clean unpolluted waters. - Dr Hilary Jones

  • Provides support for the normal function of the brain and heart
  • Exclusively sourced from the sustainable fisheries of Iceland
  • Purified and refined using advanced ‘filter pure’ technology
  • Unique and natural St Clements oil for improved palatability

Cod Liver Oil has been used as a food supplement for many generations, providing a rich source of vitamins A & D along with the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, which provides support for the brain, heart and normal vision.

Traditionally, cod liver oil has only delivered low levels of the essential omega fatty acids but our NEW Super Strength Cod Liver Oil marks a break-through providing a combined level of 360mg. This makes it one of the highest strength, great value cod liver oil supplements available in the UK. Each capsule provides an unprecedented level of the essentials fatty acids DHA 155mg & EPA 205mg, called essential as they cannot be produced within the body and as a result need to be obtained through the diet, alongside beneficial levels of vitamins A & D to provide the most comprehensive support possible.

Our Super Strength Cod Liver Oil is sourced responsibly from the sustainable waters of Iceland, before undergoing a comprehensive distillation process to ensure that there are no impurities and that the oil is free from pollutants. Super Strength Cod Liver Oil is completed with the inclusion of our unique St Clement’s Orange and Lemon flavoured extracts which helps to improve palatability.

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