Plant Sterols

Plant sterols are found naturally in plants. We all receive some plant sterols from our diet as they can be found in vegetable oils and grains. However, modern diets may be lacking in these foods meaning that our diet does not always provide optimum levels of plant sterols.

Plant Sterols 800mg

Plant Sterols 800mg

Proven to lower blood cholesterol*

  • Blocks the absorption of dietary cholesterol
  • Standardised levels of beta-sitosterols
  • Expert levels recommended in clinical studies
90 tablets
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Heart Synergex®

Heart Synergex®

With Multivitamins, plant sterols, garlic, omega3, and CoQ10

  • Featured in the Daily Mail's "10 of the Best Healthy Heart Products"
  • Advanced combination of nutrients
  • Four easy to swallow tablets/capsules
28 days supply
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