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Nutritional Values: Each 10g scoop serving contains:
Methylsulphonylmethane - 10g
Ingredients: Distil-PureMSM™ (Methylsulphonylmethane)


The perfect partner to glucosamine for your horse.

600g £14.95


EquiMSM is a source of a naturally occurring sulphur compound which is used by your horse’s body everyday and acts as a key component of joint cartilage.

This sulphur compound is a vital element used by your horse’s body everyday for the production and regeneration of many tissues including muscles, bones, hair and skin. It is also a key structural component of glycosaminoglycans which are the major building blocks of joint cartilage, making it the perfect partner to use in combination with a glucosamine based supplement like EquiFlex.

Investing in regular use of a pure MSM supplement like EquiMSM from an early age is the safe and cost effective way to help your horse receive the optimum intake of sulphur. VetVits advanced EquiMSM is produced using a patented distillation process to yield the purest Distil-PureMSM™ and every batch is independently tested to guarantee the highest quality for your horse.

For best possible results we advise feeding a pure MSM product alongside a glucosamine based product like EquiFlex thereby ensuring optimum levels of both vital ingredients are available to work synergistically.

60 servings per tub for an average sized horse.

Every VetVits product is made using the purest ingredients in premises that conform to the strictest industry quality-control standards known as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

The entire range can be taken safely in combination and all perfectly complement each other.

Competition safe and individually batch tested.

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