Saw Palmetto Complete

Comprehensive support for men

"My husband has taken Saw palmetto for 10 years. There has been no change in his blood tests in that time and his night visits to the toilet are rare."

90 capsules

Saw Palmetto Complete

90 capsules

Key Features

  • 160mg saw palmetto extract
  • 200mg pumpkin seed oil
  • Added lycopene, selenium and zinc
  • Supports fertility and sexual health

Product Overview

  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Gelatin Free

Saw Palmetto (Sereneo repens) is a small palm-like plant found in Southern USA. The stem of each leaf is sawtooth-like and extremely sharp, hence the name. The berries of the saw palmetto plant are rich in fatty acids and phytosterols.

It is these fatty acids that provide the beneficial actions of saw palmetto. When choosing a saw palmetto supplement it is important to choose one that has been standardised to provide an 85% fatty acid content.

Saw Palmetto Complete combines the saw palmetto fruit extract with pumpkin seed oil, evening primrose oil, lycopene and the minerals zinc and selenium. These complementary nutrients have been included by our expert nutrionists as they help to further support men's health. The important minerals zinc and selenium are known to contribute to fertility and sexual health.

Each Saw Pametto Compelte capsule contains 160mg saw palmetto extract manufactured with a proprietary extraction process, providing 135mg fatty acids. 200mg cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil, 100mg evening primrose oil, 16.6mg lycopene extract and 50% RDA of the mineral zinc and selenium complete this advanced and unique formulation.

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Product Information


One capsules daily with food

Key nutritional values

Typical values, % NRV (where applicable) in brackets:

Saw Palmetto Extract 160mg
providing Fatty Acids 135mg
Pumpkin Seed Oil 200mg
Evening Primrose Oil 100mg
Lycopene Extract 16.6mg
providing Lycopene 1mg
Selenium 27.5mcg (50)
Zinc 5mg (50)


Pumpkin Seed Oil, Saw Palmetto Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Capsule Shell (Potato Starch, Glycerin - of vegetable origin, Sorbitol, Carrageenan, Glycerin Monostearate, Iron Oxide, Carnauba Wax), Glyceryl Monostearate, Lycopene - Tomato Extract, Beeswax, Sunflower Lecithin, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Selenite.

Independent Reviews for Saw Palmetto Complete

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Overall Rating: 3.53 / 5 stars, based on 15 reviews

18 January 2015

For reasons stated above I have no idea which of the two types of pills are the best. The pills just purchased are the first time I have used them. the pills just purchased are a one a day pill and approx half the dosage of the earlier Saw Palmeto pill which require two a day. The question is why?

17 January 2015

Good 'beauty' product

17 January 2015

Products for older persons - multivitamins, prostrate aids and joit care.
Bearing in mind that these products are used by penshioners on very fixed incomes, they are in a lot of cases more expensive and are slowly being priced out of reach. Shortly, I will be forced to stop using their products.

17 January 2015

As An Aid To Prostate Well Being.

15 January 2015

As a man over 50, it helps me to stave off the effects of BPH.

14 January 2015

I don't know which ones these are

13 January 2015

Competitive price, good delivery

25 January 2015

My husband has taken Saw palmetto for 10 years. There has been no change in his blood tests in that time and his night visits to the toilet are rare.

25 January 2015

It appears to help with reducing the need for night time trips to the loo

23 January 2015

I would recommend all of the products that I take as they do work

21 January 2015

you have not said which product it is but we are pleased with everything we buy from Healthspan

20 January 2015

Our order (HW 11134077) has not arrived! Today (22 days later) I am ringing you, as discussed with your operative Sarah. Thanks, Kate and Underwood