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Telephone: 0800 73 123 77
Nutritional Values: This product is not for oral administration.
Ingredients: Each pipette contains 100mg/ml Fipronil
Small dogs -  4 x pipettes containing 0.67ml Fipronil
Medium Dogs - 4 x pipettes containing 1.34ml Fipronil
Large Dogs - 4 x -pipettes containing 2.68ml Fipronil
Extra large Dogs - 4 x pipettes containing 4.02ml Fipronil

VetFlea for Dogs

Clinically proven, veterinary strength flea prevention for dogs exactly the same as leading brands available through your vet

In order to dispatch this authorised veterinary medicine we require you to provide information on your pets below:

What animal do you have?
How much does your dog weigh?

To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible.

VetFlea veterinary strength spot on solution for dogs for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations and the control of biting lice is applied directly to your dog’s bare skin where your pet cannot lick it off. Containing exactly the same active ingredient as the market leader this clinically proven dog spot on solution will ensure your dog is free from unwanted guests all year round!
‘I have always bought Frontline but it’s not working any more so I tried the VetVits flea and it’s done the job, will buy it again and recommend it to anyone, I have very happy dogs now’ Anne Pittam, via Facebook. Read more of what our customers have to say here


- Veterinary approved preventions without the price tag!
- Exactly the same as leading brands available through your vets
- Clinically proven veterinary strength flea spot-on for dogs
- Easy to apply
- 8 month supply to be applied every 8 weeks
- 3 packs available depending upon the weight of your dog
- Safe and cost effective way to keep your dog flea-free.

Save time and money by setting this product up on Repeat Order saving £1 off every pack delivered to your door exactly when your dog needs it so you never have to worry about flea-ing again! Freephone 0800 042 4444 or visit

* Market leader, 2 x 3s from Boots, 21/08/2012 £48.98. 12 month supply medium dog, VetVits VetFlea, 1.5 x 4s £28.43

Thank you for shopping with us.

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