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VetWorm Plus

Clinically proven tasty worming tablet for dogs

  • Destroys all commonly found intestinal worms
  • Same active ingredients as market leader
  • Safe and cost effective

To dispatch the correct strength of this authorised veterinary medicine, please select the approximate weight of your dog


To ensure a correct dose, body weight should be measured as accurately as possible.

Product Overview

VetWorm Plus comes in a tasty pork flavoured tablet for the control of all worms commonly found in the UK including roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. Containing exactly the same active ingredients as the market leader this clinically proven dog wormer will ensure your dog is free from unwanted guests all year round!


•Effectively kills multiple types of worm infections

•Tasty pork flavored tablets to be given directly or disguised with food

•Recommended dose to be fed every 3 months

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Product Information


For oral admin, can be given directly or disguised in food. No starvation is needed before or after treatment. Discard any unused divided tablets.
To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible.

Small Dog - 2 tablet pack size (6 month supply)
½-2 kg 0.25 tablet every 3 months
3-5 kg 0.50 tablet every 3 months
6-10 kg 1 tablet every 3 months
Medium Dog - 4 tablet pack size (6 month supply)
11-15 kg 1.5 tablet every 3 months
16-20 kg 2 tablets every 3 months
Large Dog - 6 tablet pack size (6 month supply)
21-25 kg 2.5 tablets every 3 months
26-30 kg 3 tablets every 3 months
XLarge Dog - 8 tablet pack size (6 month supply)
31-35 kg 3.5 tablets every 3 months
36-40 kg 4 tablets every 3 months
Based on 1 tablet/10kg (22lbs) of weight

Key nutritional values

Typical values, % NRV (where applicable) in brackets:


1 pork flavoured tablet contains:
50mg Praziquantel
50mg Pyrantel (equivalent to 144mg pyrantel embonate) and
150mg Febantel.

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Overall Rating: 4.75 / 5 stars, based on 25 reviews

26 November 2015

Excellent products, website easy to use, free delivery

18 November 2015

saves going to pets @home

16 November 2015

A convenient way of shopping for pet requirements.

16 November 2015

was a good value item and when you have 2 dogs it was a great saving

15 November 2015

Cheaper than the Vet's and just as good.

15 November 2015

Used before, and never had any probs

14 November 2015

Easy to order; helpful tips and advice; efficient service

14 November 2015

This is a quality and economically viable product that I am confident keeps my dog worm free.

13 November 2015

My dog has a delicate stomach but has no problems with these tablets.

13 November 2015

Economic and speedy service.

12 November 2015

Quick service

12 November 2015

Cheaper than buying from the vet

12 November 2015

good value

11 November 2015

Great price for worming tablets for my 2 dogs

03 November 2015

I've not tried this but the Dogs have.

02 November 2015

A regular precaution, so our little dog doesn't have any worm problems.

01 November 2015

good product

31 October 2015

same comment as above applies

31 October 2015

its a dog product I guess it works ok, I have a healthy dog!!

29 October 2015

Seems to work but it can be difficult to tell if it is effective.

29 October 2015

Seems to work well and puppy does eat them when broekn up and disguised in food.

22 October 2015

Great value

21 October 2015


11 October 2015

Cheaper and quicker than visiting the vets.

Do not use in animals with a known sensitivity to the active ingredients or to any of the excipients.
The combination of praziquantel, pyrantel embonate and febantel is well tolerated in dogs. In safety studies, a single dose of 5 times the recommended dose or greater gave rise to occasional vomiting. If you notice any serious effects or other effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please inform your veterinary surgeon.
Do not use after expiry date stated on the label.
Any part used tablet should be discarded.
Use of the product during pregnancy should be in accordance with a benefit risk assessment by the responsible veterinarian. It is recommended that the product is not used in dogs during the first 4 weeks of pregnancy.
Suitable for puppies from 6 weeks.Great care should be taken with young animals so please consult your vet who can advise further.