Wellbeing is generally defined as our happiness, confidence and physical condition, partly affected by our nutritional habits. In an ideal world we would get all get the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids we need from our food; however, some of us may not manage to achieve this everyday.



Contains 375mg magnesium

  • Easy to take one a day formula
  • With full Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C
  • For healthy bones and teeth
90 Tablets
was £7.95
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5-HTP 100mg

Only 12p per day

100mg 5-HTP with zinc and B vitamins

  • A natural way to increase your levels of 5-htp
  • Contains vitamin B3, B6 and zinc to support normal psychological and neurological functions
  • Also includes vitamin C, zinc, folic acid and biotin
60 Tablets
1-2 month supply
was £13.95
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Rose Hip

Rose Hip

250mg standardised extract

  • Perfect Partner to Glucosamine
  • An abundant source of Vitamin C
  • Naturally rich in polyphenols and flavonoids
120 Tablets
was £9.95
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CLA 1,000mg

CLA 1,000mg

1,000mg capsules, minimum 800mg pure CLA

  • Standardised to contain a minimum of 80% CLA
  • Derived naturally from safflowers
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
60 Capsules
1-2 months
was £11.45
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Soy Isoflavones

Soy Isoflavones

100mg Soy Extract providing 40mg isoflavones

  • A potent source of natural plant oestrogens called 'phytoestrogens'
  • 40% isoflavone content
  • Contains fibre & polyunsaturated fatty-acids
  • Foil-sealed for freshness
120 tablets
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Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto Complete

Comprehensive support for men

  • 160mg saw palmetto extract
  • 200mg pumpkin seed oil
  • Added lycopene, selenium and zinc
  • Supports fertility and sexual health
90 capsules
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Starflower Oil

Starflower Oil 1000mg

A rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA

  • Nature's richest source of the essential fatty-acid GLA
  • 22% GLA content (205mg) per capsule
  • Beneficial levels of essential omega 6 and 9
90 capsules
was £9.95
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Lycopene Capsules


Only 13p per day

150mg standardised tomato extract

  • Provides 15mg natural lycopene plus 10mg Vitamin E
  • Additive and gelatin-free capsules
  • Rich in active tomato phytonutrients
60 Capsules
2 month supply
was £14.95
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Super Strength Cranberry

NEW Super Strength Cranberry

500mg standardised cranberry powder equivalent to 25,000 whole cranberries

  • Standardised active content
  • Formulated using natural process
  • Equivalent to 25,000mg whole berries
  • Added vitamin C to protect against oxidative stress
60 Capsules
was £12.95
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Lecithin 1,200mg Super Strength


Only 9p per day

1,200mg per capsule

  • Super strength capsules
  • Derived from soya beans
  • A rich natural source of important nutrients choline and Inositol
120 Capsules
1-2 month supply
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