What does 10,000 steps look like?

We’re often told that we need to walk 10,000 steps a day. This figure can seem daunting at first, but it’s more manageable than you think. Hitting your target can be achievable by making a few small adjustments to your daily routine. Ever wonder what 10,000 steps looks like? Here’s how to hit your ultimate step goal.


Get out of bed brush, go downstairs, make your breakfast, back upstairs to clean your teeth, take shower, go back downstairs and get in the car.

500 steps (5 mins of solid activity)


Walk 5 minutes from my car to my desk; taking the stairs and not the lift.

500 steps (5 mins walking)


Making a cup of tea for my colleagues; walk round all desks asking who would like a drink, serve all drinks by taking one cup at a time to each desk.

500 steps (5 mins walking)


10 minute conference call – utilise your hands free kit and try pacing while on the call. Have you ever thought about walking meetings?

1000 steps (10 minutes)


Walk to fill your water bottle. Be inefficient! Find a water fountain not on your floor and only fill your bottle from it! Even better, take the stairs to the next floor water fountain.

250 steps (2.5 minutes)


Lunchtime – Take the stairs down to reception, walk to the shop to get lunch and then walk around the block before returning back to the office.

1000 steps (10 minutes)


Walk to fill your water bottle – again! Try and use a small, glass, refillable water bottle so regular refills are a must.

250 steps (2.5 minutes)


Stand to tidy way your desk, walking back to your car opting to take the stairs.

500 steps (5 minutes)


Walk to the gym (it’s 10 minutes away) and take part in a Boxercise class.

3000 steps (20 minutes of continuous cardio)


Walk back from the gym and nip via the supermarket to collect food for your evening meal.

1500 steps (15 minutes of walking)


Make dinner.

500 steps (15 minutes on feet)


Shower after the gym, brush teeth, prepare for tomorrow, potter round the house & go to bed

500 steps (5 minutes)



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