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Vegan vitamin d3 240 tablets £14.95

Super Strength Vitamin D3 - vegan friendly!

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Our Opti-Turmeric is 7x faster-acting than standard turmeric

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Optimal absorption Opti-Turmeric

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2.75% and 5% CBD - legal, safe and independently tested 

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Save 50% on selected CBD Drops

Filter-clear oral formulation of broad-spectrum, legal and safe 2.75% cannabidiol 
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High absorption Magnesium

Explore our range of tablets, gels and bath flakes 
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Sustainably sourced 1,200mg Cod Liver Oil

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We use St Clement's flavourings in our cod liver oils to avoid any fishy aftertaste

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Healthspan hair products with Black friday roundels

Hair, Nail & Skin Care - de-stress and pamper yourself this holiday season

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Official Sports Nutrition Partner of the All Blacks

Healthspan Elite are the All Blacks first official sports nutrition, sports protein, vitamin and supplements partner for the next four years
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Help your dog get the most out of life with support for joint health, vitality and glossy coats

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Glucosamine product range with vitaminions

Glucosamine - the most popular supplement for those looking to stay active 

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Year round UV protection

Protecting our skin from harmful Ultra Violet(UV) rays is crucial to keep skin looking healthy and young while stopping premature ageing 
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Emotional and physical support
Mind and body
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Care and protect
Pet health
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Protect and prevent 
Vision support
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Ayurveda dosha quiz: pitta, vata or kapha?

According to Ayurveda, each of us is a mix of three basic constitutional types, known as 'doshas'. Find out if your dosha is pitta, vata or kapha.

Guide to Ayurveda: pitta dosha diet, lifestyle and herbs

Pitta physical traits, personality, susceptibility to conditions and the right diet and lifestyle to follow, as well as the fenugreek, turmeric and boswellia dosha-balancing herbs.

Guide to Ayurveda: kapha dosha, diet, lifestyle and herbs

Kapha physical traits, personality, susceptibility to conditions, the right diet and lifestyle to follow, as well as the turmeric, fenugreek, black seed oil and boswellia dosha-balancing herbs.

Guide to Ayurveda: vata dosha diet, lifestyle and herbs

Vata physical traits, personality, susceptibility to conditions and the right diet and lifestyle to follow, as well as the ashwagandha, turmeric and black seed oil balancing herbs.

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Gut health: When should you go gluten-free?

Is a gluten-free diet just for coeliacs, or should we all be cutting down to support a healthy gut? Here are the facts behind going gluten-free.

The correlation between sleep and supple skin

Sleep is when your skin rejuvenates and recovers from the day, and its cells repair themselves. Find out how sleep can help your skin.

How can chronic stress weaken your immune system?

Chronic stress is a common experience for many people. But stress doesn’t just make you feel overwhelmed - it can have serious impacts on the body.

Perimenopause, pre-menopause: here's what to expect

Perimenopause is a natural part of ageing and is nothing to be afraid of. Find out how to manage your new health needs at this early menopause stage.