Healthspan March 23, 2018

  Are you a roll out of bed and continue rolling onto the tube kind of person? We’ve got your vitamin fuelled breakfast covered with these 3 top tips. They’ll keep you powering on through to lunch and leave you full enough to resist the temptation of office snacks. 

1. Get creative with your breakfast on the go

Smoothies aren’t just for drinking and they don’t have to be green, either. But as far as packing in vitamins goes, liquidising everything so it can be consumed on the move could make your life a whole lot easier. Try this sweet breakfast smoothie that combines a YoGo MultiVitality (so you’re topped up vitamins before you’ve even reached your desk) with turmeric, ginger, banana, dates, milk, oats and honey.)

Overnight oats are another great way to leave the house with breakfast in hand. They require a little preparation the night before but it’s so worth it when you wake up to a pot of deliciousness you know is packed with goodness. These orange, cranberry and pistachio overnight oats have a Christmassy twist that’ll leave fellow commuters jealous of your breakfast on-the-go.

2. Choose the right kind of snack bar

It’s a tasty chocolate bar that’s low on sugar and big on vitamins. The Nutricious Bar provides 15% of your daily nutritional requirements of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, plus 11 vitamins and 6 minerals. Think about it…instead of gobbling down a chocolate bar with minimal nutritional benefits, you’re snacking on a bar that gives your taste buds satisfaction whilst also giving your body a helping hand. Waking up late has its downfalls but this healthy snack bar isn’t one of them.

3. Make your own muffins

The blueberry muffin you’re about to reach for is likely just as bad as its chocolate chip equivalent…

When it comes to making breakfast muffins you don’t have to be a baking genius. No one has time to get fully into it in on a weekday so stick with a simple recipe. Can’t live without eggs for breakfast? Whisk a few eggs up with whatever you fancy – try bacon and spinach and a little cheddar cheese – pour into muffin tins and bake for 15 minutes. So easy and you can refrigerate them for the next day or two. Before you know it, your breakfast contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and calcium – 6 nutrients guaranteed to give you a healthy start to the day.

Trying to get vitamins into your kids’ diet but don’t have enough time to cook for them in the morning? Hiding vegetables in breakfast muffins is a sneaky way to top them up and they won’t even know it’s happening! Store bought muffins are often laced with sugar and certainly don’t contain any vegetables. But hiding grated carrot or zucchini within a muffin recipe is a sure-fire way to up your little ones’ vegetable intake. Not bad as breakfast for you on route to work, either…



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