Chris Simpson, Professional Squash Player November 19, 2015

The professional squash circuit is a worldwide series of events with tournaments in various locations such as Qatar, Egypt, Hong Kong, North America and England. Each player has to endure a demanding amount of travel throughout the season, sometimes on the road for weeks at a time. 

Chris Simpson, professional squash player and Healthspan Elite ambassador, is currently on a three and a half week tour which began in North America for the World Championships and will be ending in Hong Kong for the Cathay Pacific Open. With a quick pit-stop in Canada for a ‘relatively short’ 4 day tournament Chris’ recovery time is limited, however like most squash players Chris has a number of tricks up his sleeve to cope with his demanding schedule:

1. High Strength Probiotic

When I travel I can never keep my diet the same as at home. I used to get lots of stomach problems from the different foods and different bacteria, especially when playing in Asia. Since taking a probiotic supplement I've found my gut can cope with this much better – and the capsule form is much more convenient than a yoghurt or drink when traveling!

2. iPad with VPN

I have a VPN (virtual private network) app on my iPad. This allows me to set up my iPad as if I'm in the UK when I'm anywhere in the world, so I can watch all my favourite shows on iPlayer and 4od! Perfect for those moments when none of the hotel's channels are in English.

3. Multivitamin (Gold A-Z)

It seems like every time I get on a plane the person next to me is full of a cold! It's my worst nightmare to travel half way across the world for a tournament only to end up ill. I take a multivitamin every day to give myself the best chance of fighting off these illnesses.

4. Flight socks

If I don't wear flight socks my ankles will be huge post flight, and my legs won't feel right on court for days. I also wear my flight socks after tough matches, the compression helps to aid recovery.

5. Bottled Water

I generally tend to buy bottled water rather than drinking out of the tap as you don’t have control over the quality of water in foreign countries. It only takes a small amount of bacteria to make anyone ill so I’ll take every step possible to avoid this so my performance on court isn’t effected.



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