Rob Hobson, Healthspan's Head of Nutrition May 04, 2016

Healthspan Elite BodyShield Immunity Plus is an advanced new immune health complex containing a number of well researched ingredients that have been shown to provide support for the immune system. Whilst you will undoubtedly have heard of vitamin c, zinc and CoQ10, you may not have heard of Wellmune. This article helps to explain what Wellmune is and why it has been included in this unique formulation.

What is Wellmune?

Wellmune is a proprietary ingredient formulated using yeast beta glucan derived from the purest baker’s yeast. Whilst there are many different forms of beta glucan it is yeast beta glucan that have been most widely researched in scientific studies. Wellmune has contributed over $300 million into research investigating the beneficial properties of yeast beta glucans.

How does Wellmune support the immune system?

When it is ingested Wellmune is transported by immune cells in the digestive tract to immune organs (such as the tonsils and lymph nodes) throughout the body. Once in the immune organs Wellmune is broken down into smaller fragments and released over a number of days where they then bind to neutrophils, the body’s most abundant immune health cells. These cells are ‘activated’ by Wellmune, supporting immune health without stimulating the immune system, which can have potentially harmful effects.

How Wellmune can help athletes

Missed training sessions due to ill health have a negative impact on overall performance particularly in the run up to a competition or event. Wellmune has been clinically proven to support athletes in three keys areas:

  • Help athletes stay healthy after intense exercise, enabling them to train harder and longer.
  • Help prevent immune suppression during intense exercise training.
  • Boost immune system performance and help you keep training hard without stressing your health.

In fact, a 2009 study which examined the effects of Wellmune supplementation on marathon runners competing in the California Marathon showed that over the course of the 4-week study, subjects in treatment groups who supplemented with 250mg and 500mg of Wellmune per day reported significantly fewer upper respiratory tract infections and better overall health when compared to those taking a placebo.

Similarly a 2013 study carried out involving 182 men and women competing in the Texas Marathon found that those who supplemented their diet with 250mg of Wellmune were associated with a 37% reduction in the number of cold/flu days in the 28 days following the completion of the marathon. In summary Wellmune beta glucan supplementation has been linked with reduced upper respiratory tract infections and improved immune response following periods of intense exercise when the immune system would otherwise be depressed.

How much Beta Glucan should I take?

Whilst some research uses a daily intake of 500mg yeast beta glucans, most studies demonstrate that a daily intake of 250mg yeast beta glucans is sufficient to provide support for the immune system.

More information on Wellmune’s role in sports nutrition can be found here -


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