Mark Brown January 08, 2015

Remember to pay close attention to your horse’s hooves throughout the winter. Cold and rainy weather means wet and muddy conditions for our equine companions. These sodden environments can bring challenges to winter hoof care, causing problems such as mud clods and ice balls to form. Prolonged wet conditions can cause soft feet to become susceptible to more serious problems, including hoof wall separation, thrush, and sole abscesses.

EquiHoof provides an all-in-one formulation to maintain hoof quality and strength. Containing Dl-Methionine, a protein which is essential in the production of quality hoof growth and Zinc Chelate to improve the health and integrity of hair, skin and hooves. Natural ingredients Biotin and Calcium-Phosphate are also included, known for their positive effect on hoof horn quality. I recommend using EquiHoof both as a preventative and cure for naturally damaged hooves, especially throughout the winter months.

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