Healthspan September 11, 2017

Being young is great. But with our more mature years come many more great things too, which often get forgotten about. We think it’s worth redressing the balance.

As our hormone levels stabilise in post-menopause, our menopausal symptoms largely subside, so we’re dealing with fewer physical symptoms and, in exchange for one or two more lines, a new and exciting phase of our lives awaits…

We know what’s important

By the time we are post-menopausal, we have a pretty good idea of what’s important in life, helping us to prioritise the many things we have going on and consequently make more time for what we love.

Taking a new course

With the option for retirement, we can involve ourselves in volunteering, take up a course, or maybe even embark on a second career path.

The best bits

If we’ve had children, by post-menopause the pressure of being a parent has made way for the joy of being a grandparent and we have time to appreciate our family and friends. Sometimes we even like to play the traditional grandmother, so you’ll find us baking cakes!

More self-belief

As women – especially as we move towards our middle and later years – society tends to expect certain things of us. And now we have the strength to say, ‘actually, no, I don’t think that’ or ‘I don’t want to be like that.’ If we were once lacking in assertiveness, we have either found it by now – or we will do soon. This means we’re getting better at saying ‘no’ when we need to and we’re likely to know what we want and how to get it.

The feeling of freedom

Our self-assertion makes us feel braver. Whether we want to spend our time travelling, at home with our family, taking up a new hobby, re-training for a new career or a combination of everything, we can do it now!

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