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No doubt your spring clean takes you under the sofa, behind the radiators and underneath the kitchen sink, but does it include your cosmetics collection? Having old products lying around not only creates unnecessary clutter on your dressing table - using them can also damage your skin health! Here are our tips for giving both your cosmetics and your skin the most satisfying spring clean…

Throw out…

Anything that no longer suits your skin type, or your skin’s needs. Anything that has gone past its expiry date, or which has been open too long. As a guide:

• Mascaras need to be replaced 3 months after opening, if the product appears flaky or is caking or if you’ve had any form of eye infection.

• SPF products which have been open longer than six months.

• Foundations vary depending on their packaging, but generally can only be kept for between six and 12 months.

• Face powders can last up to one year, providing you haven’t had any skin issues during this time and there is no shiny build-up on the surface of the product.

Used disposable sponges. They’re not meant to be washed and re-used and can spread bacteria leading to breakouts.


Being more careful around your eyes.

Being too rough when removing eye make-up, or using products which are harsh on the delicate eye area, can result in premature skin ageing, so use a gentle cleanser specifically designed for the eye area.

Exfoliating twice weekly.

As oestrogen levels decline, skin cell turnover slows down, so skin can start to look dull and lacking in radiance. Exfoliating helps skin to rejuvenate itself by removing dead skin cells.

Double cleansing in the evening.

Come the evening, when your skin has accumulated dirt, oils and pollution from the day, a double cleanse ensures your skin is able to repair and recover overnight.

Caring on-the-go.

It’s important to have a cleansing option for when time is short, or for freshening up on-the-go. Choose vitamin-enriched wipes to care for your skin and prevent it drying out.

Clean up…

All your make-up brushes.

Wash your brushes at least once a month with a mild shampoo, until the water rinses clear. Leave them to dry naturally.

Make-up bags and cases.

Clean your make-up bag at least once a month (preferably twice) with antibacterial wipes.

Face flannels and towels.

Warm, moist conditions are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so wash your flannel every two to three days.

Top Tip!

After wiping your make-up bag, place it in the freezer overnight to kill any remaining germs.

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