Freddie Best, Event Rider March 17, 2015

Every competition needs some planning for it to run smoothly and be as stress-free as possible! Over time, you will adopt your own checklist and routine, so here is mine.

The day before:

  1. Bath horses
  2. Plait
  3. Clean our stud holes
  4. Clean track
  5. Load the lorry
  6. Check the lorry
  7. Check route and write down times

Loading the lorry varies for what type of competition it is; for eventers, this can feel like a never-ending list of equipment!

Other than the obvious items such as tack, boots, buckets etc. there are some other things that I have found come in very handy:

  1. Spare horse shoes
  2. Waterproof rug
  3. A whiteboard with stick-on clock to write down times, numbers and sections
  4. Spare reins and bits
  5. Electrolytes - to be diluted in water
  6. Pliers 0 in case your stud hole tapper breaks whilst in the shoe! This may sound extreme but this did happen to me whilst competing in France and trying to communicate with the French farrier wasn't the easiest of tasks!

Give yourself the best chance to compete well by preparing and planning before an event. Enjoy yourself!

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