VetVits January 17, 2017

Crucial care for cartilage

Your horse has around 205 individual bones in their body, at the end of which is cartilage, a tissue that provides a cushioning effect in joints and allows the smooth, pain-free gliding motion of the joint. Cartilage has no blood supply, so everything it needs to function, grow and repair gets there by diffusion, which is thought to be assisted by exercise and nutrition.

Joint supplements provide the essential building blocks for rebuilding cartilage. Two key elements to look for a glucosamine and chondroitin. The body can actually synthesise but with age or injury, typically enough glucosamine cannot be naturally produced to keep up with all of your horse’s needs.

Symptoms of joint problems:

  • Changes in the way your horse moves, for example slower movement, reduced flexibility or shorter strides.
  • Reluctance to perform tasks that they have been happy to do in the past.
  • Swelling around a joint.
  • Warmth or pain around a particular joint.

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