We have a look at the benefits of hydration, and how water can assist the body during a race.

The many benefits of hydration

Sharper Brain

A 2017 study found that drinking just 300ml of water (roughly just over half a small standard bottle) can boost attention span by nearly a quarter.

Regulation of Temperature

Make sure you stay hydrated during the race, as this will help prevent overheating, which could cause you to pass out or become ill. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends for every 45 minutes of exercise you should take on an extra 200ml of water.

Better Joint Health

Your joints are surrounded by cartilage (made up of around 80% water) which helps create the sponginess needed to cushion them and stop them grating and rubbing. If your joints’ feel stiff and achy this could potentially be a sign you are not drinking enough water.

Boosts Energy

Water is needed to keep your energy levels topped up. So, if you are feeling tired or dehydrated, make sure you monitor your water intake, so you can keep up your energy levels.

Enhance Exercise Performance

Without water your muscles can’t contract effectively, they become more prone to cramping and might struggle to repair themselves when you have finished the race. Keep a measured sports bottle handy to measure and monitor your fluid levels.

Foods High in Water

It is suggested that 70-80% of our hydration intake should come from drinks, and 20-30% from food, (choose foods with high-water content like juicy fruit and vegetables including watermelon, celery, cucumber, radishes and apples).

Replacing Lost Electrolytes

Electrolytes are nutrients that conduct electricity when mixed with water. They contribute to regular nerve, muscle function, balance blood pressure, help rebuild damaged tissue and keep you hydrated.

Healthspan’s Elite Activ Hydrate is the perfect sports drink for when you are running a 10k, as it replaces electrolytes lost through sweat, to keep you hydrated.

Water exploding out of bottle

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Nothing beats a healthy, balanced diet to provide all the nutrients we need. But when this isn't possible, supplements can help. This article isn't intended to replace medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional before trying supplements or herbal medicines.



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