Healthspan April 26, 2018

We all have those times in our life when we’re worried, stressed, sad or upset – and instead of taking better care of ourselves like we should, self-care is the first thing to fall off our to-do-list. 

While this might be sustainable for a short amount of time, in the longer-term we need time out for our mental wellbeing. ‘Time out’ means different things for different people – or different things depending on our different moods! Going for a walk, doing something creative, or for us, doing something good for our skin; the bonus being that you get the benefits for your skin and your mind!

These pampering routines can nourish your skin and give you a little mental pick-me-up in under five minutes, but they’re even better if you can take some extra time to really unwind.

Nourish your skin

Properly moisturising your skin is one of the easiest and yet most effective ways to instantly feel better. A body butter with a luxurious texture that feels nice on your skin and delivers long-lasting softness is well worth the effort. Apply to skin straight after your shower while skin is still damp for the best results and give yourself a little treat by massaging the butter into your legs, arms and torso with gentle or firm strokes or circular motions, whatever feels nice. Different massaging techniques can help you feel more invigorated or more relaxed, depending on what time of day it is. A firm circular motion will help to boost your circulation and leave your skin feeling healthier – and don’t forget those spots most in need, usually the elbows, knees and thighs.

Instant fresh feeling

Cleansing gets a bit of a bad rap, as something we have to do, rather than a pleasure. If that sounds familiar, we’d argue that you’re either using the wrong product, or that you need to slow down and really pay attention to the product as you use it. Feel the product against your skin, notice the fragrance and note how your skin feels before and after. Cleansing is a literal and metaphorical way to wash away the day; if it’s been a busy one or you’ve been wearing make-up or been cooped up inside, the feeling is second to none.

If your skin feels ‘tight’ after cleansing, it normally means your skin has been stripped of its natural oils, so switch your product or try a cream-balanced cleanser and gentle toner for happy and clean skin that feels soft and smooth.

A crown of health

If you wash your hair in the mornings, no doubt this scenario will sound familiar. You’ve got up late, your hair is not behaving itself properly and you haven’t got time to try and beat it into submission! As hormonal change kicks in, thinning, changes in texture and dryness can become more prevalent so those days might start to come more often.

As a result, any way we can get better results (shinier, stronger and softer hair) in less time and with less effort sounds good to us. Kick off a great day with more confidence by using the Replenish 10-in-1 Hair Oil on towel-dried hair after shampooing and conditioning, then style as normal. It tackles everything that brings your confidence down, providing colour protection, improving softness and smoothness, boosting shine and protecting against damage and breakage. You can also use it to tame any last flyaways once hair is dry, or to fix unruly frizz throughout the day.

Time to face the world

On days you’re not feeling too chirpy, you are bound to meet everyone and their dog. Why not put on your favourite t-shirt and pop a bit of colour into your cheeks. The Radiant Tint Moisturiser SPF30 protects, moisturises and brightens your skin in one fell swoop, perfect for those days when you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up with minimal effort.

Have a lovely day!

Nothing beats a healthy, balanced diet to provide all the nutrients we need. But when this isn't possible, supplements can help. This article isn't intended to replace medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional before trying supplements or herbal medicines.



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