Nurture team May 18, 2017

Celebrity hairdresser Carl Bembridge recommends a number of different cuts and styling techniques to help you make the most of fine hair.

Don’t be afraid of change

A lot of my clients with finer hair think that shorter cuts are not for them, but they couldn’t be more wrong. A shorter cut adds volume and texture in an instant – long hair can end up looking straggly and unkempt if your hair is thin, so I’d recommend considering a choppier, shorter, fresher cut. Thin, fine hair can lack in volume and fall flat if left to grow too long. Fine hair will look five times as fabulous if snipped into a chic little bob. If you can’t quite brave a ‘proper’ bob, try a choppy lob – a style that sits on the shoulders. Just ensure that the ends are snipped into, so it’s not a blunt finish; we want lots of movement and the illusion of thickness.

Use the right products

From my experience, a lot of people with fine hair tend to use hair masks and conditioners that are too rich and weigh the hair down. I’d recommend nurture replenish full volume shampoo to add volume and shine, plus the light conditioner, concentrated on the ends, with every wash, as well as products with keratin once a week as a treatment.

Another great method for women with finer hair is to co-wash – applying conditioner to the lengths and then washing it out with shampoo. It’ll prevent the ends from drying out and will make sure your hair is nourished without being weighed down.

The perfect blow-dry

Much of that full-of-volume look is created when drying and styling the hair. For lifted roots and that luxurious look, it’s all in the blow-dry. You need a good-quality round ceramic brush, which heats up with the dryer and locks the volume in at the roots. You also need a powerful dryer with several heat settings; work with big sections and dry the hair pulling it away from the head in an upwards motion for lots of volume. If your roots are still falling flat, try the same blow-dry routine but with rollers placed at the crown for extra height and volume. Sorted!

For more mature hair tips have a read of trichologist Vanessa Bailey's Mature hair magic article.

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