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We are delighted to partner with Run 4 Wales, the team behind Wales’ largest mass-participation running and cycling events. This year also sees the support of Olympic silver medallist Iwan Thomas.

Iwan will be taking part in the Run 4 Wales 10k races with our Healthspan 10; a group of 10 social media recruits of all different ages and ability.

The Healthspan 10 will be helped every step of the way with our supplements, vitamin infused food and Iwan's professional advice.

"I'm passionate about helping people on their path to a better future, and what better place to get started than at some of South Wales’ most iconic locations."

Iwan Thomas

The Healthspan 10 and Run 4 Wales partnership has been launched to emphasise our principles of staying active, eating well and being positive to those who want to achieve a greater sense of overall wellbeing.

Meet some of the Healthspan 10


"When my wife passed away my whole world was turned upside down..."

I’ve been a regular runner since 1982, running was a massive part of my family life. I achieved a lot of happiness sharing runs with my family. But when my wife passed away my whole world was turned upside down, all the get up and go drained away from me and I completely gave up on running. As a consequence, I began to suffer from ill health.

Eventually, with the help and encouragement of my brothers I attempted a 10k race in Manchester without doing any training whatsoever. I finished the run in 1 hour 19 mins and the buzz was back. I had a good year of training in 2016 and started to really enjoy running again. However, in 2017 I suffered another setback as I had an accident, dislocating and fracturing my shoulder. I finally started running again in January, and the Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay race was my first for over a year. Fingers crossed I’m now up and running again.


"I'm an intensive care nurse and decided to practice what I preach; health is wealth..."

Kate signed us up for the Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay Run. We’re both intensive care nurses and we decided to practice what we preach in that ‘health is wealth. If there are way you can improve your health then give it a go. We’ve loved exploring the sites of Wales whilst training for the race. Cardiff Bay was my first 10k run and it definitely won’t be my last. Let’s do it.


"I needed to start running as I had become quite unhealthy, I've lost almost 3st since..."

I started running in August and the Brecon Carreg Cardiff Bay Run was my first 10k run. I needed to start running as I had become quite unhealthy, and since I started I’ve lost almost 3st. Back in January I ran 5k evert day to help raise money for Fertility Network UK. My daughter is my inspiration. I wanted to be a role model for her and thought that if she grew up watching me become healthy, then hopefully she will take the decision to do the same.



It's been a particularly hard year but running has been my salvation..."

It's been a particularly hard year for me to be honest. My mother has been poorly since April, my cousin was seriously hurt in an attack last year too but running has been my salvation. I don't proclaim to be the fastest, but with my friends’ support, Marina Blackwood, Maria English, Colette Beddow and Cheryl Doolan I have found an escape route and passion for running again.

This running has helped me to forget the everyday problems, and focus on myself, in a very positive and therapeutic way, be it for 1-1.30 hours...

Thank you for the chance to share my story so far... Here's to the next chapter.



"I am doing this for me, but I know there are benefits for those around me..."

I’m a returner to running, in the middle of last year I made a decision to positively tackle my health and fitness. For all the the reasons that most of us do I’d let both slip and was, without really knowing it, feeling the worse for neglect. My weight was up and exercise was a distant memory. So I started by joining British Military Fitness and from that gained confidence to start running again. In the past I had always run or trained alone. I’m now part of a running group and am out two or three times a week. To be honest my motivation is quite selfish, I am doing this for me, but I know there are benefits for those around me. Maybe most importantly my snoring has stopped so my wife is much happier for a start!



"I gave my husband a kidney as he had kidney failure 5 years ago..."

I gave my husband a kidney as he had kidney failure 5 years ago in June 10% usage. I was a match which I was thrilled with as it saved his life. That is how I got into running - couldn't run for a few seconds so I joined a local Couch to 5k group in 2016.

By the end of the course I could run 5k comfortably without stopping. It benefited me by making me healthier and looking after myself as I now only have 1 kidney instead of 2 and get tired sometimes. I now love running have met some lovely friends too I joined a local free running group we run twice a week and also Cwmbran Park Run on a Saturday.

I have raised money for Kidney Wales and St David's Hospice love getting involved in charity runs.

Running has made me fitter helped my weight and general wellbeing as a person. I now love running.

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Iwan Thomas' running tips

We spoke to Iwan to find out how he prepares for a run. Want more running tips from a pro? Watch more videos on the link below.

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