Home workout with Nathan Douglas

"As you can imagine, during lockdown it has been impossible to train to the level that I am used to. Here are some exercises that I've been able to do at home, to keep me moving and fit." Here Olympic triple jump athlete and Healthspan ambassador Nathan Douglas shows the exercises he uses to keep fit at home.

The exercises

Drop jumps

In this video I'm using a box, but you could use a step. This is a plyometrics exercise, which is great for leg power and core stability. As soon as you touch the ground the aim is to explode away as quickly and as high as possible. Great to improve your leap!

Bear crawl

I have a weight on my back and I'm using the ab roller, but you can achieve something similar without equipment. Get on all fours, lift your knees slightly off the floor, then walk your hands away from you and back again. Keep your core tight, only moving your arms. This targets the abs, lower back and hips.


I have two 10kg plates, one on my lower legs and one in my hands. You can do exactly the same exercise using bags of sugar or with no weights at all. You'll feel those abs burn and your lower back will want to arch, but don't allow that to happen - keep your back on the floor.


I'm holding a 10kg plate, but you can use anything you like here - a rucksack full of items is a great alternative. This will work your core, targeting your obliques and lats.

Around the worlds

This exercise will work your core and increase your mobility, as you are moving through different ranges. A bag of sugar is a good alternative to use as a weight.

Walk up the wall

This provides a combination of isometric and eccentric movements for the hamstrings and targets those glute muscles. Keep your back tight.

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