Lower Body Exercises

Lower body exercises like deadlifts and squats can be beneficial for strengthening your hips and improving your physical endurance levels.

Check out these exercises to optimise your performance.


  1. Sit back pushing arms in-front
  2. Keep chest lifted
  3. Body weight in heels
  4. Push through heels to stand

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Barbell Squat

  1. Sit back weight in heels
  2. Keep chest lifted
  3. Drive through heels to stand

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Knees Down

  1. Stand tall feet hip width apart
  2. Step back and lower knee to floor
  3. Bring both knees to the floor
  4. Push through front heel to return to standing

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Side Lunge

  1. Stand tall, feet wider than hips
  2. Transfer body weight
  3. Keep heels on floor
  4. Chest lifted
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Lunge Rotate

  1. Stand tall, arms out to the side
  2. Point thumbs backwards
  3. Lunge backwards, rotate torso
  4. Keep chest lifted
  5. Drive back to standing, arms back to sides

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Hip Bridge

  1. Zip pelvis
  2. Push hips upwards
  3. Brace core & squeeze buttocks

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  1. Tilt from the hips
  2. Slight bend in knees
  3. Bar close to body
  4. Chest lifted & back flat
  5. Brace core

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