Carl Bembridge December 20, 2017

There’s no better feeling than a fabulous new haircut. If you’ve been considering a change, let the expert advice of celebrity hairdresser Carl Bembridge steer you towards your transformation…

Start right

It’s the New Year and of course we all want to start it right. What better way to look and feel our best than with the perfect haircut? Unfortunately, many of my mature clients say they feel less able to experiment with their hair as they get older. They want something flattering but also practical and of course they want to stay on-trend.

More than one bob

I always think you can’t go wrong with a bob; it can sit anywhere from the bottom of your ear to your collarbone. The collarbone length bob is great if you want to experiment with styling or still like to put your hair up out the way. The shorter bob is great if you want less styling and maintenance – you can just wash and go. It’s also perfect if you’re after that sharp-looking haircut.

You might also want to bear in mind the thickness of your hair. The shorter the haircut the thicker the hair will look, so if your hair is on the thin side, keep your cut shorter. You will need to consider if you want layers or a one-length blunt cut. I recommend the blunt cut for a sharp, neat look, but layers if you want to mess it up, or again, add volume.

Most importantly, my top tip is to play around with your style. Why not add a fringe, change the parting or try styling your hair a little differently to what you would normally do? Hair should be fun!

My favourite shade

You can also add to your look with colour. When colouring we always need to think about our skin tone. Lots of people say as you get older you need to go lighter, but this isn’t always the case. I still colour my mum’s hair dark because she has dark features and tanned skin; it’s all about what will suit your complexion. If you are a brunette, stick to warmer tones, which will add shine and leave it looking more alive. Blondes, meanwhile, will always have the advantage of hiding or disguising grey hair more easily, if you’re after something low maintenance.

My favourite colour, especially if you fancy really changing it up for the new year, is copper. Not only is it very on-trend, but it suits many skin tones and looks so shiny and vibrant! Copper is such a versatile option and looks great in a darker or lighter shade. Alternatively, if you want to embrace grey hair then there is no better time than now – it’s so fashionable that women in their twenties are dying their hair grey or silver too. What I have been doing with my older clients who want to embrace their grey is playing around with the shades, using silver, dove greys or even highlights of lilac, just to add interest and make it more fun!

Glorious grey

Making the transition to grey can be daunting, so here are my five top tips to make going grey great…

  • Enhance your grey by getting your hairdresser to put a grey, silver or lilac toner over your hair.
  • Have a sharp or well-maintained haircut to show off the grey hair.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner suited to mature hair – hair changes as we get older and we need to nurture it rather than ignore it.
  • Oils and moisturising products are great for grey hair, which tends to be more coarse in texture.
  • Experiment with styling, grey hair will look just as fabulous straight, curly, or in an up-do.

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