VetVits May 12, 2017

Q: Will my horse’s hooves change going from winter to spring?
A: Yes, hooves will change with the seasons, particularly from winter to spring due to the increased growth and nutrients in the grass.

Q: My horse seems to have hoof rings, what does this mean?
A: Rings in hooves are known as growth rings, they are generally caused by a change in diet or an increase in the amount of food the horse is eating.

Q: What effect can the wet and mud have on my horse’s hooves?
A: Wet weather can be detrimental to hooves by making them soft, this can cause the hoof wall to flex and in turn cause cracking or flaking if not regularly cared for by a farrier.

Q: What do I need to be aware of now the warmer weather is coming?
A: The increase in nutrients in the grass can make equines prone to laminitis, which is an avoidable condition with the correct management. Furthermore, the wet weather during springtime in the UK can also lead to other conditions such as abscesses and seedy toes – your farrier can advise you on treating and preventing these.

Q: Is there anything I can do to look after my horse’s hooves in summer?
A: Summer hoof management involves applying a good quality hoof oil daily, regular appointments with your farrier and keeping your horse on a well-balanced diet which can be complemented with a hoof supplement.

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