Healthspan January 03, 2018

We don’t tuck up our horses in a king size bed, so how do we know if everything is well in the land of nod?

Is your horse sleeping enough?

Surprisingly the average adult horse only needs 3-5 hours of sleep during any 24-hour period. This is usually accumulated over a series of short naps. Sleep duration does, however, often vary depending with age; just like older humans, senior horses tend to snooze more often than their younger counterparts.

What happens when your horse is sleep deprived?

Some horses, particularly those struggling with age-related mobility issues, may struggle to reach deep sleep if they can’t lie down. This can result in dangerous collapsing episodes and excessive sleepiness.

Is your horse sleeping too much?

On the other hand, if you’ve noticed your horse is sleeping more, this can also be a symptom of their age. Seniors tend to nap more which is perfectly normal, just ensure they are receiving the right balance of nutrients for their age. A tailored supplement such as EquiSenior is packed full of essential vitamins A, C, B, D3 and E plus copper and zinc and will help keep them energised.

How can you help?

All horses need a comfortable, quiet and warm place to sleep but also try to establish the reason for sleep deprivation – it could be because of pain, environmental stresses (such as excess noise) or anxiety. If they are anxious or stressed, try a supplement such as EquiCalm, a soothing blend of naturally calming ingredients including lemon balm, chamomile and magnesium.



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