Trunk Exercises

Keeping body’s midsection or trunk active is vital for keeping your abdominal and lower back muscles strong and reduces injury to your back.

Check out how perfect your technique.

Plank Leg Under

  1. Narrow press up position
  2. Core braced
  3. Thread leg under
  4. Dip hip to floor
  5. Keep arms straight

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Lower Ab Lift

  1. Feet off floor
  2. Knees bent
  3. Core braced
  4. Lower feet slowly towards floor

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Box Plank

  1. Hands under shoulders
  2. Knees under hips
  3. Brace core Lift knees from the floor & hold
  4. Maintaining normal breathing

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Mountain Climber

  1. High plank position brace core
  2. Drag knee towards chest
  3. Slowly return & alternate

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Russian Twist

  1. Tilt torso back Keep feet on floor
  2. Twist torso from side to side
  3. Chest lifted

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Dead Bug

  1. Hands above shoulders
  2. Knees above hips
  3. Core braced
  4. Slowly lower, alternating limbs

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Bar Swing

  1. Stand tall, feet wider than hips
  2. Keep arms straight
  3. Brace core
  4. Lower weight to the side
  5. Chest lifted

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Ab Crunch

  1. Feet flat to floor Hands on thighs
  2. Keep distance between chin and chest
  3. Raise torso from the floor
  4. Slide hands up thighs

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