Upper Body Exercises

Working your upper body has a number of benefits including strengthening your abs and core, which helps to burn calories faster.

Keep your form in check by watching these videos.

Bench Press

  1. Grip bar wider than shoulder width
  2. Slowly lower bar to chest
  3. Drive bar back to start
  4. Brace core

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Dumbbell Bench Press

  1. Dumbells high above head
  2. Rotate hands & elbows outwards
  3. Lower dumbells to chest height
  4. Drive back to start
  5. Brace core

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One Arm Row

  1. Brace core, back flat
  2. Lift towards hip
  3. Squeeze elbow to body
  4. Gently lower down

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  1. Nose & toes on floor
  2. Lift arms off the floor
  3. Drawer circles with arms
  4. Core braced

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Bent Over Row

  1. Grip bar wider than shoulder width
  2. Tilt from hips into deadlift position
  3. Keep bar close to body
  4. Squeeze lifting bar to stomach

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  1. Tilt from hips into deadlift position
  2. Arms hung thumbs turned out
  3. Raise arms to sides
  4. Squeeze between shoulder blades
  5. Brace core and lift chest

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Military Press

  1. Maintain upright posture
  2. Core braced
  3. Drive bar upwards
  4. Slowly return to chest height

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Plank Press

  1. High press up position
  2. Core braced
  3. Lower to elbows
  4. Press back to start

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