Healthspan April 26, 2018

 Modern society pushes us all to be constantly busy – but there rightfully comes a time when enough is enough. Don’t underestimate the importance of time for you, especially with your skincare – it turns out that looking after your skin can have a surprisingly big impact on your wellbeing…  

The inside outside connection

For most of us, how we look on the outside has a significant bearing on how we feel on the inside, which is fabulous on a great skin or hair day, but not when our skin or hair has taken on a mind of its own! It does mean that looking after your skin has the potential to give you a boost every morning - and it’s easy to achieve if you build it into your routine.

Not about perfect

That’s not to say we need to look or be ‘perfect’ (whatever that means), but if we have effective, nourishing and pampering products in our arsenal, we have the power to make ourselves feel better if we want to. We’re surrounded everyday by a barrage of views and opinions on how we should look and what we should consider a flaw, but need to decide for ourselves whether things like wrinkles, cellulite or uneven skin tone really are ‘flaws’ and whether they personally bother us. If they do, it’s a blessing that you can find skincare to help you improve these things, but equally, you may decide something like cellulite is no big deal – and that’s more than fine too.

Positive productivity

If you go ahead and decide to pursue a skincare goal, getting results – just like with a healthy lifestyle, work project or hobby – can be a huge boost; especially when we start getting compliments! If you suffer from guilty feelings when you’re not racing around, consider looking after your skin as a dual way to be productive and unwind. Plus, if you’re not feeling at the top of your game, it’s a smaller, easier and more attainable challenge than many other areas of your life.

The stability of routine

We all have routines, from how we get ready in the morning, to where we park, to when we do our supermarket shop. These routines make things easier by simplifying our decision-making processes and giving us an element of familiarity (and to a certain extent, control) when other areas of our life are uncertain or turbulent. Something like skincare, which frames our day morning and evening, gives us something solid to hold on to, no matter what happens in-between.

Time to slow down

In short, stop feeling guilty about time spent doing nothing or time spent on yourself. Besides, if you’re going to look after your skin, you may as well do it properly – you can’t just slap it on, so you may as well slow down and enjoy it. We think of skincare as part indulgence and part necessity – so stop thinking about getting up and doing this, that and the other!

More of the good

So don’t let your time looking after your skin fall off the radar; it’s more than necessary for your skin’s health and your mental health. It’s time to embrace more of whatever makes you feel good.

Nothing beats a healthy, balanced diet to provide all the nutrients we need. But when this isn't possible, supplements can help. This article isn't intended to replace medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional before trying supplements or herbal medicines.



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