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We operate in a quite rightly heavily regulated industry. These regulations govern the claims the industry can or can’t make about the products it sells. Whilst many products have approved health claims, many don’t, and, in these cases, we can’t tell you what they are for or what they do.

These are the things we must always tell you:

  • You can get everything you need from a balanced diet
  • The only health claims we can make for our products are those that are approved in the EU

And sometimes the regulations prevent us telling you things we’d like to be able to tell you, like:

  • What some products are for (because there are no currently approved claims)
  • The very latest scientific research (because it hasn’t yet been vetted and approved)
  • The truth that most of us don’t actually have a healthy, balanced diet

So, we encourage you to do as much research as you can yourself, by diving into our trove of articles and useful advice, or by clicking here to read a few reviews from some our existing customers.

But remember, what suited them might not suit you.



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