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Why Performance Cherry?

Sleep Aid? Antioxidant? Anti-Inflammatory? Dr James Morton discusses the multiple benefits of drinking Performance Cherry juice.

VIDEO: The Power of Coffee

Scottish Rugby Lead Nutritionist Richard Chessor talks about the benefits of coffee and caffeine in the performance and health of rugby players.

VIDEO: 7 Top Tips From Olympic Athletes To Stay At Your Physical Peak During Winter

British Sailing Team and their Head of Sports Science and Medicine, Paul Mullan, share their tips for optimising the efficiency of the immune system to fend off seasonal bugs as well as the crucial role supplementation can play.


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How Do I Lose Weight But Not Compromise Training?

Weight management is always one topic that competitive endurance athletes love to discuss. The issue is how do you reduce your intake enough to lose weight but ensure you have enough energy for training?

Berry Bircher Muesli

Bircher muesli (or overnight oats) is a fantastic post-training breakfast and perfect to throw in your gym bag for after those early morning sessions.

6 Foods To Supercharge Your Training

While there is no one single super food that can meet all your nutritional needs and save a poor diet, eating a wide variety of wholesome foods can help supercharge your training by providing the nutrients it requires to perform at it’s best.

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6 Supplements All Rugby Players Should Be Taking

Scottish Rugby Nutritionist Richard Chessor gives a brief rundown of the most common and effective nutritional supplements for rugby players.

Match Day Nutrition For The Amateur Footballer

Southampton FC's Head of Sport Science, Alek Gross, shares his top nutrition tips for amateur footballers to maximise their potential on the pitch.

What Vitamin D Can Do About Stress And Anxiety In Sport

Leading up to competition performance anxiety and stress are common among athletes at all levels. Find out how vitamin D can play an active role in helping to relive these problems.