Greens – A Good Thing For Athletes?

Posted 19th October 2015 by Nigel Mitchell, Leading Performance Nutritionist

Former Team Sky Performance Nutritionist Nigel Mitchell explains his interest in greens supplements, why all athletes should take them and why he chose to work with Healthspan Elite in the development of New Performance Greens.

During my early career in clinical nutrition working closely with immuno compromised patients, I developed an interest in the contributory role of gut health on a person’s overall health and wellbeing. We now understand more closely how the two are intrinsically linked.

Diet and in particular alkaline forming foods have an important role to play in helping to balance the gut. Greens drinks provide a convenient means for athletes to consume these alkaline forming fruits and vegetables without filling up with a great deal of bulk.

It can sometimes prove difficult to find good quality greens supplements. Often products are unpalatable, laced with artificial sweeteners or come from a questionable source. It is for this reason that I have worked closely with the product experts at Healthspan Elite in the development of Performance Greens. In the past I have used greens supplements with the Team Sky riders and they prove an excellent choice particularly during travel when food can be unfamiliar or good quality fruit and vegetables hard to come by.

In the development of Performance Greens I have found it preferable to any other greens supplement I have used in the past. Whilst I will be recommending the product to the professional athletes that I work with, the convenience and quality means that the product has a role to play for amateur athletes as well. In summary it provides a great way to top up your 5-a-day, support your gut health and your immune system.

Why Nigel Recommends Performance Greens

1. An effective means of supplementing your 5-a-day, supporting your gut health and maintaining immunity

2. Free from artificial sweeteners and flavourings

3. Individual sachets, convenient for travel

4. Informed-Sport accredited

5. Palatable lime flavour

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