Stephanie Owens – Commonwealth Games Nutrition Diary

Posted 1st August 2014 by Stephanie Owens, Commonwealth Games Weightlifter

Healthspan Elite® ambassador Stephanie Owen’s takes some time out of her busy training schedule to give us an insight into the role nutrition and supplementation plays in her preparations for the Commonwealth Games.

In the run up to a major event there are a number of things I have to consider when planning my nutrition and supplement intake.

Making Weight: Weightlifting is categorised by bodyweight. I compete in the 63kg category, but often train 2-3kg above that weight. In the run up to the games I have to monitor my calorific intake to ensure that I make weight in time for the competition.

Energy: Weightlifting requires explosive bursts of energy. I need to ensure that I provide my body with the energy it needs through the food I eat. I choose porridge for breakfast in the morning as it provides slow release carbohydrates which ensure that I have energy stores to call on when it’s time to train.

Recovery: My muscles come under a significant amount of strain during training so it is important that I provide nutrition support to aid recovery. I try and incorporate lean protein into my lunch and evening meals. I also take 4-6 Healthspan Elite® Omega 3 capsules a day depending on if I have eaten any fish that day; my aim is to obtain 2g of EPA daily. This helps to reduce the inflammation in my joints to speed up recovery.

Immunity: The last thing I want is to get ill with the games just on the horizon.  I try to provide my immune system with plenty of nutritional support by eating lots of vegetables and salad. I supplement my fruit and vegetable intake by taking Healthspan Elite® Daily-5 Support. I also take Zinc + Vitamin C and 1,000iu Vitamin D3 daily. Vitamin D3 supplementation is particularly important for me as much of my work and training is conducted indoors so my levels would be sub-optimal.

Author: Stephanie Owens

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