Sarah Outen MBE

Age: 29

Expedition: London2London via The World

Favourite meal of the expedition so far: In Alaska my paddling partner and I caught fish and roasted them over a camp fire. It felt very wholesome and special to be so connected to our food. And it was delicious too!

Biggest lesson from the expedition: Embrace the journey with all its ups and downs - the challenges often provide the richest moments. 

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Sarah Outen MBE

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— Sarah Outen MBE

Sarah Outen MBE is an adventurer, author and speaker who is currently undertaking an extremely challenging expedition called “London2London: Via the World”. She is currently three quarters of the way through her London2London expedition, which is a human-powered loop of the planet over land and sea by rowing boat, kayak and bicycle.

On 1 April 2011 Sarah set off from Tower Bridge in London, UK; kayaked to Paris, France and cycled 11,000 miles across Europe and Asia to Russia. She then kayaked to Japan and started to row across the North Pacific Ocean. Sadly her boat was hit by a Tropical Storm and after capsizing over 20 times, she was rescued. The following year Sarah returned to Japan and rowed from Japan to the Aleutian Islands – just off the coast of Alaska. She then kayaked along this chain of islands to the mainland before jumping on her bike and cycling down through Alaska. Sarah is now cycling 5000 miles across Canada and the USA to the East Coast. Once she reaches the East Coast she will row across the Atlantic Ocean back to the UK and will then cycle, row and kayak back to Tower Bridge, aiming to get there in September 2015.

She became the first woman and youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean in 2009. Her first book ‘A Dip in the Ocean: Rowing Solo across the Indian’ (Summersdale, 2011) recounts the story.

It is an absolute privilege to welcome Sarah as a Healthspan Elite® Brand Ambassador. We hope that our products can provide her with the support she needs to stay healthy to complete the remainder of her incredible expedition.


London2London Via the World