Advanced Glucosamine Combinations

We recognise how difficult it can be to choose the right supplement for your needs. To help keep things simple our experts have formulated these advanced Optiflex combinations to ensure that you receive the right amount of each nutrient every day.


Only 58p per day

Our bestselling chondroitin product

  • 1,500mg glucosamine and 1,200mg chondroitin in each 3-tablet daily dose.
  • Expert-recommended levels.
  • Most economical way to obtain your glucosamine & chondroitin intake.
20 day supply
40 day supply
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Joint Synergex®

Joint Synergex

The optimum combination of joint health nutrients.*

  • Advanced Optiflex Glucosamine HCl.
  • Low molecular weight 90% chondroitin.
  • OptiMSM – the purest form available.
  • Complementary fish oil and bromelain.
28-day supply
28 day supply
Now £14.95 was £16.95
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Glucosamine and Omega 3

Glucosamine & Omega 3

Only 28p per day

400mg Optiflex Glucosamine HCl and 300mg omega 3 fish oil.

  • Convenient way to get high levels of both nutrients.
  • Highly purified fish oil.
  • Sustainably sourced.
120 Capsules
40 day supply
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Joint Physio Glucosamine Plus

Joint Physio Glucosamine Plus (Previously GMX)

Only 20p per day

Great value combination of four key nutrients.

  • 400mg Glucosamine HCl with 100mg chondroitin
  • Includes 80mg Vitamin C and 50mg MSM.
  • Comprehensive daily support at great value.
3-4 month supply
1-2 month supply
Now £20.95 was £22.95
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Only 28p per day

Glucosamine and Cod Liver Oil Combination supplement

  • Two popular ingredients in one convenient capsule
  • 27.6mg DHA and 33.3mg EPA per capsule
  • 400mg Glucosamine HCl per capsule
120 capsules
40 day supply
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Fast Release Glucosamine 70 Plus

Fast acting glucosamine for the over 70s

  • 375mg Glucosamine HCl per tablet
  • Includes Calcium, Ginger and Vitamins C & D3
  • Concentrated, fast acting formula
120 capsules
1 month supply
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