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What you need to know about CBD Oil

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CBD (cannabidiol) oil has exploded in popularity in the past few years – but what is it and is it the right supplement for you? Here's everything you need to know about Healthspan's CBD oil.

What is CBD?

When it comes to CBD the first thing you'll want to know is where it sits in relation to the words 'cannabis', 'hemp' and 'marijuana'.

The hemp plant and the marijuana plant are both types of cannabis. What makes them completely different is their ingredients – specifically CBD and THC. The ingredient CBD (otherwise known as cannabidiol) is a natural extract of the hemp plant that's non-intoxicating and void of any psychoactive properties. This ingredient has been widely researched in the United States.

The ingredient THC, present in significant quantities in the marijuana plant, is responsible for the so-called 'high' associated with cannabis. CBD supplements contain only tiny traces of THC.

What does CBD do?

Increasingly, countries worldwide are researching the benefits of CBD. Fortunately – and as a retailer of supplements – we operate in a heavily regulated industry that leaves no room for misleading promises. Part of the legislation we abide by means that we're only able to make health claims for products that have been approved.

Being an ingredient that's new to the UK, CBD is yet to be approved, so we cannot relay details to the public about relevant scientific research. We do – however – encourage you to go online and research for yourself. There's plenty of information out there that explains why CBD has gained such huge traction in the last few years.

Healthspan's CBD

As the number one direct vitamin and supplement provider in the UK, we take the safety and efficacy of our products very seriously, and this includes the origin of our CBD product ingredients. Our CBD is sourced from highly regulated industrial hemp fields in Europe, with each batch being tested stringently and consequently awarded a certificate of analysis showing the contained levels of CBD and (trace) levels of THC. Each of these certificates can be downloaded from our website.

To clarify, 'trace' levels of THC means the level of THC contained is too little to cause any psychoactive effects. The amount of THC that would cause such effects varies per person due to factors such as body mass. But, as a rough guide, 1mg of THC per 1kg of bodyweight would cause psychoactive effects – meaning an average 60kg person would have to consume 60mg (0.060g) of THC to experience said effects. Each of our CBD oil capsules contains 0.001mg (0.000001g) of THC and we recommend you take one to three capsules daily – hence 'trace levels of THC'.

Available in high-strength 6.4mg and super-strength 15mg capsules, and 2.75%, 5.5% and 10.7% concentration CBD oil drops, Healthspan CBD Oil is extracted from EU hemp using non-toxic CO2. It's also fully decarboxylated and then purified, meaning the finished product is a high-quality oil that is batch tested to ensure high levels of CBD, zero impurities and only trace levels of THC. We've also added olive oil and hemp oil to our High Strength CBD capsules to optimise absorption into the body.

For even quicker absorption, our CBD droppers are directly applied to the tongue and contain a hint of peppermint flavouring to mask the unpleasant taste of hemp. Each of our CBD products is 100% natural, legal and safe to take.

CBD Oil Drops 260mg bottle

CBD Oil Drops 260mg

Filter-clear, peppermint-flavoured CBD oil

  • 2.75% high-strength CBD oil in easy-to-use drops
  • Filter-clear and purified for no yucky taste
  • Perfect for newcomers to CBD who dislike swallowing capsules
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CBD is extremely well tolerated. The reported side effects include dry mouth, low blood pressure, light headedness and drowsiness, but these consequences are reported rarely. A new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on CBD actually suggests cannabis oil to be mostly well-tolerated, with a good safety profile.


Multiple small studies of CBD safety in humans suggest that it's well tolerated across a wide dosage range. However, FSA guidelines state that adults should take no more than 70mgs CBD daily.

Do not use CBD during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

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