Gut Health and Diet

Staying balanced

If you choose to follow a particular diet, whether vegan, paleo, or ketogenic, to lose weight or to gain weight, you need to be aware of the effect it will have on the health of your gut. You may find, for example, that certain diets preclude probiotic-rich foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and some types of yoghurt, so may upset the balance of bacteria in your gut.

The articles on this page will help you understand the influence certain diets may have on your gut, and how you can reduce any negative effects, through careful planning or the use of supplements.

Food should always come first, but supplements do provide a cost-effective way to bridge the nutrition gap. Being vegetarian or vegan takes a little more planning and may leave you at greater risk of missing out on certain key nutrients. Investing in a broad-spectrum vegetarian multivitamin and mineral supplement, as well as a vegetarian omega 3, will provide a useful back-up to make sure you get the essentials.

Rob Hobson

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Gut Health and Gluten: when should you go free?

Whether or not you suffer from coeliac disease, cutting gluten out of your diet can have some noticeable advantages. We explore the benefits of going gluten-free, and help you plan your diet accordingly.

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How to protect your gut with the paleo diet

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived on a diet consisting chiefly of meats, fish, nuts and leafy greens, but there is some evidence that this more limited diet led to excellent health. However, if the paleo diet isn't properly undertaken it can lead to digestive problems. We show you how paleo can benefit your overall health, as well as how you can protect the health of your gut.

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