Gut Health and Microflora

Gut health and wellbeing: inextricably linked

Recent studies have suggested that there could be a link between intestinal microflora, most commonly referred to as ‘friendly bacteria’, and autoimmune disease. Research is continuing in this area and experts are continually making exciting discoveries about the complex role our gut microflora has on our health, from keeping our immune system strong and preventing travellers’ diarrhoea, to reducing digestive problems and aiding our heart health.

There’s even emerging research that details the possible link between the diversity of bacteria in your gut and mental health, via a communication between the central nervous system and the microbiota – the so-called gut-brain axis. The articles on this page will show you how important the health of your gut's inhabitants is to your overall wellbeing.

These beneficial bacteria have been shown to benefit not only gut health, helping with bloating, constipation and diarrhoea, but also support a healthy gut barrier and house 70% of your immune system.

Rob Hobson, Nutritionist 

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