Healthspan Heroes - Terms and Conditions

Awards will only be made to Healthspan customers. This includes customers of Nurture Skincare and VetVit products

Awards will be made by a panel of judges to individuals or teams who are taking part in an event to raise money or provide a service for a charity of their choice.

'Working Holidays' (e.g. building dry-stone-walls on a residential course) are unlikely to qualify for awards.

Awards can be up to a value of £500.

Awards are to be used to cover event entry costs, essential equipment or essential logistics/support for an event/challenge.

For example, awards could potentially cover:

-A Half-Marathon entry fee, A charity skydive entry fee, a sub-zero sleeping bag for climbing Mount Everest, vehicle hire for a support van for a long-distance cycle journey.

-Awards are not intended to cover: Loss of salary for time off work, upgraded travel/accommodation for events or non-essential equipment (such as digital cameras, music players etc)

If successful, awards will be paid directly to you, in Sterling, by cheque. You will be required to provide Healthspan with a receipt for that cheque.

Should you be unable to take part in your event through ill-health or unforeseen circumstances, you must make Healthspan aware of this as soon as possible.

This promotion is meant in good spirit and good faith- where reasonable doubt exists as to the use of any award made, Healthspan may require detailed proof of your use of the award and participation in your chosen event/activity. In the rare event where this cannot be provided, we will expect you to pass on a donation equal to the value of your award to the charity you were intending to raise money for.


In return for your award we require the following details/items with your permission to use them across Healthspan's Magazine, website, press releases and 3rd party publishers.

- Your full name, age and approximate location, photos of you and a statement about what you are planning to do (This will form part of the application process). Photos supplied by you to us must carry permission for us to use them for promotional purposes.

- A quick phone interview in the fortnight ahead of your event.

- Photos of you taking part in your event/challenge and a statement about it- including one with a Healthspan branded item such as t-shirts/stickers etc.. which will be provided along with your award.

PLEASE NOTE: While we will make every effort to support your challenge/event, and may share details of fundraising requests with Healthspan's customers we will not be in a position to explicitly ask Healthspan customers to sponsor you. The intention of the awards is to make entering/organizing your challenge easy, so that you can concentrate on the fundraising side for your charity.