Autoimmunity Causes

Friendly Fire

The immune system is the body’s version of the military. An army of soldiers ready to fight off intruders that’s powered by five litres of blood and lymph – a clear colourless liquid that passes through the body. But, sometimes, it slips up. Autoimmunity, the root cause of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis, is when your immune system attacks bodily tissue mistakenly.

Research on autoimmune diseases is ongoing, but we’ve asked top experts to provide guidance and information on potential causes like genetics, stress and fatigue. Although this guide is designed to inform and educate, it’s vital you speak to your GP if you suspect you have an autoimmune condition.

The immune system occasional misidentifies a healthy part of the body as infected or diseased and targets it for attack. Antibodies and over-stimulated immune cells can cause loss of certain cells (such as the insulin secreting cells in the pancreas) or lead to swelling of tissues in places like the joints or the thyroid gland.

Dr Sarah Brewer

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Autoimmune conditions: what are the root causes, and what can you do to prevent them?

When the immune system gets confused, it can start attacking the body's own tissues, leading to autoimmune conditions. There's no cure for autoimmune disease, but there are ways to manage the symptoms and reduce the risk of flare-ups.

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