Immunity protection

Boost your defences

There are ways we can prep our immune system to help it function properly. Did you know that sleep deprivation could make you more susceptible to illness? Or that exercise and gut health are linked to immunity? There's a lot more to immune system protection than you might think. The articles on this page are here to help.

Numerous factors affect the efficiency of the immune system, with your diet and lifestyle playing key roles. As well as obtaining sufficient levels of key vitamins and minerals, ensure you get sufficient sleep, exercise regularly (but not excessively) and take time out to relax and reduce stress.

Dr Sarah Brewer

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Fighting off infections: strong vs weak immunity

You may not know that 150 minutes of exercise a week can boost your immunity, or that a bad night's sleep can damage your ability to fight off an infection. Learn about the impact of lifestyle on the immune system.

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