Joint Health and Wellbeing

The joint health and mental health link

There's more to understanding joint pain than knowing about knees. Safeguarding your mental health also plays a significant part in preventing and coping with joint problems.

Ever noticed a correlation between stress and painful joints? Or felt your mood drop after a bout of stiff knees? The impact of decreased mobility–less walking, gardening or whatever it is you enjoy doing – has a big impact on your state of mind. With the help of top experts, we’ve complied the latest research on joint health and wellbeing.

It’s easy to take your joints for granted until they start to go wrong. Take steps to look after your joints if you start to notice creakiness, reduced flexibility, swelling or a change in shape of one or more joints, especially if they start aching after exercise.

Dr Sarah Brewer

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Why am I experiencing joint pain? Finding the root cause

Joint pain doesn't have to be an inevitable consequence of getting older. Find out how preventative measures and early intervention can help protect you from future pain.

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Weight gain and joint pain: what's the impact?

Being overweight or obese isn't just a problem for your heart - it's also linked to the health of your joints. Shedding even small amounts of weight can help with current joint pain, as well as prevent joint problems in the future.

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