An exciting new stage of life

Postmenopause is the next life stage after menopause, and is defined as the period of time after a woman has not had her period for an entire year, until the end of her life. During this time, many women still experience symptoms such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, and vaginal bleeding.

Far from being mere confirmation that a woman has reached a ‘certain age’, postmenopause is actually the start of an exciting new stage of life. An end to monthly menstruation brings with it plenty of benefits, not least no more menstrual periods and a brand-new sex life, free from worries about pregnancy. The advice articles on this page aim to help make this part of life just as enjoyable and exciting as any other.

As the trend towards a longer and healthier lifespan continues, women are increasingly spending up to half their years in the post-menopausal phase of life. If you develop dry, itchy skin, evening primrose oil can help, while sea buckthorn oil is a popular supplement to improve intimate dryness.

Dr Sarah Brewer

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When am I postmenopausal? Signs and symptoms of postmenopause

The idea of 'life after menopause' can be confusing, overwhelming, and a source of anxiety for many women. Here we take you through the symptoms of postmenopause, and give you some tips on staying healthy.

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