Vitamins & Supplements

CBD Oil Dropper

Introducing a new CBD experience. The dropper is our best-value high-strength CBD oil, designed to be dropped directly onto your tongue from the pipette. It’s ideal for those who dislike swallowing capsules, and is also suitable for vegans. What's more, our CBD oil’s filtered clear formula and light peppermint flavour eliminates the "yuck factor" associated with some other sources of CBD.

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Cannabis CBD Oil

It's been a hot topic in the news and now it's now available at Healthspan. CBD Oil is extracted from industrial hemp, which has no-psychoactive effects and is perfectly legal and safe to take. Although we are unable to make any claims, it is praised by thousands around the globe for its multitude of health benefits so we encourage you to do your own research.

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High Strength Hemp Seed Oil 500mg

Cold-pressed. Optimum purity. Vegan. The list goes on. Our hemp seed oil is an excellent source of plant-based omega 3, 6 and 9 so whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater, you can ensure that you are getting the best quality vitamins. Hemp, hemp, horray!

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Moringa Brain Greens Healthspan

Moringa Brain Greens

For anyone looking to maintain and support optimum brain health. We've taken dried moringa leaves, then added Folate, vitamins B6, B12, E and K1, as well as iodine and lutein from kelp and marigold, and packed them all into a one-a-day capsule.

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Turmeric with Black Pepper

Turmeric and black pepper: a pairing just as unlikely as Kermit and Miss Piggy. And in both cases, a little clashing is healthy. Many people take black pepper with turmeric as its known to increase absorption. That's why we've combined this perfect pair into one tablet to make your life a little easier.

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Super Strength Vitamin D3 Peppermint Spray

If swallowing tablets or chewing gummies aren’t really your thing, we have a brand new peppermint flavoured spray infused with vitamin D3. In fact, sprays are the most efficient way for your body to absorb vitamins as it goes directly to the bloodstream through the lining of your mouth. Win, win.

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Super Strength Omega 3 Gold

For decades, omega 3 has taken the limelight for its joint, heart and bone health benefits so what could be better? An addition of new kid on the block, health all-rounder super spice turmeric of course. Together, they work to bring the best support to your body. It’s true health gold.

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Super D Vitamin Gummy

Living in Britain, we know what it's like to have little exposure to sunlight! If you too are not getting enough sunlight, you might have a vitamin D deficiency. For some of us, taking tablets just isn't our thing, so we've jazzed up our D dose with these delicious little gummy berries that contain 25mcg of natural vitamin D3 to support strong bones and teeth as well as the immune system.

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Food & Snacks

The Better Cookie

Here's the thing. We love cookies but, like quite a few things in life, they don't tend to be very good for you. That's why we've gone and made a healthier version. Our brand-new cookies have half the sugar of a standard cookie and are packed with vitamins and protein (14g per pack!). Unleashing our inner cookie monster has never felt so justified.

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Délice Noir

Dark chocolate is our guilty pleasure. Actually, remove the 'guilty' part because those little squares of indulgence are actually quite good for you. As well as being natually high in anti-oxidants, it also contains high levels of iron and magnesium. So how is ours better? We've only gone and added even more vitamins and minerals. You could say that it's super chocolate! It comes in 3 delicious flavours; orignal, red superfruits and bee pollen. It makes guilty(less) pleasure snacking even more, well... guilt-less.

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Vitality Protein Coffee

There’s been a latte fuss around our very first coffee. It’s so smooth and creamy, plus it contains plenty of perks including 10g of protein, vitamin C, B and magnesium in one little sachet. There’s no need to mess aground, just mix with water and it’s ready in espresso time. Needless to say, it’s bean a big hit in the office. Alright, enough of the puns for now, they’re getting a bit weak.

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40 Winks Protein Hot Chocolate

We can’t think of many other ways better to unwind from a session at the gym than with a nice rich cup of hot chocolate. That’s why we’ve created one that not only tastes amazing but is infused with the good stuff to help with sleep and muscle recovery including 18g of protein, 5-HTP, vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc.

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The Dreamy Hot Chocolate

Smooth, rich hot chocolate that tastes like an absolute indulgence but is low in sugar and can actually help you sleep. Lots of us at Healthspan HQ are on a bit of a health kick and a cup of this before bed is our not-so-naughty but nice treat to end the day - we love it.

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The HiLo Bar

High in protein and fibre and low in sugar, with added vitamins. These soft, chewy, chocolatey bars seem like a complete indulgence but are only 190 calories and contain 20g of protein per bar - just as much as a protein shake! Bloomin' marvellous.

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The Nutricious Bar

A nutritious, delicious bar with balanced levels of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre with 11 vitamins and 6 minerals. They taste so good that we keep having to order more into the office - they get snapped up like hot cakes! Our favourite flavour? The almond and vanilla bar. Lush.

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Skin & Hair

Silk Comfort Intimate Gel

The arrival of the menopause can bring a wealth of unwanted symptoms, many of which are still not widely talked about such as vaginal dryness, which can be both uncomfortable and distressing. Developed with doctors, a new soothing, hydrating gel with aloe vera, black cohosh and sage will help relieve daily discomfort and irritation caused by vaginal dryness, as well as providing intimate lubrication. It is also safe to use during pregnancy and following birth as it helps to restore the pH-balance.

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Tan and Defend Packshot

Tan and Defend Skin Supplement

We all know the importance of sun cream when it comes to protecting our skin, but did you know there are certain nutrients that can help boost that protection from the inside too? Add this supplement to your routine all year round to protect against damaging and ageing UV rays, helping to maintain skin’s youthful appearance.

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Radiant Tint Moisturiser SPF30 - Light

It seems that whoever you are and whatever you do, time in the morning is always tight and as much as we’d love to, taking more than 5 minutes to get ready just isn’t doable (mothers, we hear you!). That's why this tinted moisturiser is so great. Application takes 10 seconds and skin is left smooth and radiant with a natural glow.

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Replenish Cleanser & Replenish Toner Kit

Coconut oil? Check. Shea butter? Check. Makeup removal? Check. This creamy, luxurious cleanser contains all of nature’s most nourishing ingredients to leave your skin refreshed, clean and super soft. Follow with the toner to keep enlarged pores at bay for an even smoother complexion.

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Soothing Foot & Heel Balm

Soothing Foot and Heel Balm - We’re picky with what we put onto our faces and our hair, so our hard-working feet deserve the same care. This luxurious balm softens, moisturises and helps to repair. What a great excuse for some at home pampering!

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Pet & Horse

Pet Pro Digest

You know that a healthy gut is integral for living a healthy life. Well, the same applies to our pets too. Keep your dog or cat's digestive system happy with this specialised formulation has been designed to promote a healthy balance of live ‘friendly’ bacteria.

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Flexi Joints Plus for Dogs

Your dog is always full of energy (as if you needed reminding!). From darting across the park to fetch their ball to excitedly running to the door when you get home from work, they’re always on the go. Over time, this can take its toll on your dog’s joints. Our beef flavoured supplements with chondroitin and added vitamins work to keep you dog mobile and happy whatever their age.

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Active Nutrition

Super Cherry

All the goodness of sour cherries in a simple juice concentrate. Sour cherries from the Prunus cerasus L plant have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines for a variety of ailments. More recent scientific research has revealed that sour cherries contain compounds that can aid sleep and muscle recovery. Simply stir one or two tablespoons into a glass of water and enjoy.

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Active Performance Greens Packshot

Performance Greens

The UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey (2018) showed that only 26% of adults manage to achieve the recommended 5 fruits & vegetables daily. A diet that doesn’t contain the recommended amount of fruits & vegetables will lead to nutrient deficiencies in a host of different vitamins and minerals that support important bodily functions. Whilst there is no substitute for fresh fruit & vegetables, a greens powder is a great addition to your diet to give you a helping hand. Performance Greens provides a nutrient-rich blend of 14 fruit, vegetable and herb extract and contains a delicious natural lime flavour.

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Omega 3 Pure EPA packshot

Omega 3 Pure EPA 1g

Unlike our other omega 3 supplements, this advanced formulation contains 1g of pure EPA and 100mg of DHA per capsule. The oil is sustainably sourced from warm water fish species, which contain a naturally high concentration of EPA. Although there are no approved European health claims, some research has shown improvements in mood in relation to high EPA supplementation, whilst many sports nutritionists use high EPA supplements to prevent inflammation of the joints after exercise.

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CLA Refine 1g packshot

CLA Refine 1g

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in our diet. It is produced by cattle and is therefore present in milk, beef and other dairy products, although in relatively small amounts. Although there is inconclusive evidence to support the effects of CLA, it is a popular product amongst those looking to control their weight. We exclusively use Clarinol® CLA because it is manufactured using proven technologies and a strict set of quality and safety standards. This delivers a product with a consistent fatty acid profile and the highest quality CLA available.

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Zinc Defence Lozenges

Did you know that your body is most vulnerable to viruses during and after exercise? Give your immune system the support that it needs to fend off cold and flu viruses with our refreshing peppermint lozenges.

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Elite Nutrition

Elite opti-turmeric pack shot

Elite Opti-Turmeric

As an athlete, you need to stay fit, healthy and flexible. Fast acting Opti-Turmeric contains 500mg of liquid curcumin and 20mg of vitamin C, to help support your immune and bone health as well as the normal function and formation of cartilage, which is essential for healthy joints. Batch-tested and safe for professional athletes.

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Elite Kick-start protein coffee packshot

Elite Kick-Start Protein Coffee

Coffee is often the drink of choice for athletes who are looking for a morning pick-me-up. A delicious hot drink, Kick-Start Protein Coffee provides 11g protein per serving alongside energising B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium. Not simply a coffee flavoured protein powder, Kick-Start Coffee is made with real coffee granules so mixes instantly with hot water and provides a natural source of caffeine (45mg-72mg per sachet).

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Elite 40 Winks Protein Hot Chocolate Packshot

Elite 40 Winks Protein Hot Chocolate

Sleep is fundamental for sports performance, so it therefore stands to reason that getting a better night’s sleep will improve performance. 40 Winks Protein is the ultimate overnight recovery hot chocolate, containing an 18g ‘slow-release’ casein protein blend. We have also included 250mg L-Theanine and 100mg 5-HTP, which is converted into the brain chemical messenger serotonin, a natural neurotransmitter that influences sleep. Added vitamins and minerals are also included to aid protein synthesis.

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Elite Vitamin D3 Spray packshot

Elite Vitamin D3 Spray 4,000iu

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for our health, providing support to bones, teeth, muscles and our immune system. It’s mainly absorbed through exposure to sunlight, however where exposure is limited deficiency is common, particularly for athletes who train indoors. This is where supplements can help. Vitamin D in spray form is absorbed quickly as it enters the bloodstream directly through the lining of the mouth. Each dose contains 4,000iu, the optimum amount to overcome deficiency.

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Elite Complete Vegan Protein - 1kg

Whey protein is often considered ‘king’, but for those people who are unable to consume dairy for one reason or another the alternatives are limited, especially ones that are Informed-Sport accredited. We’re very excited to announce the launch of Complete Vegan Protein, delivering 20g protein per serving to support muscle growth and maintenance. Made up of a blend of pumpkin, pea and brown rice, Complete Vegan Protein provides a complete amino acid profile and does not include any GMO (genetically modified) ingredients.

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Elite Essential Whey Protein Concentrate - 1kg

Whey protein is a natural protein found in milk and is one of the most popular proteins due to its speed of absorption and a full complement of all 20 amino acids. It’s also rich in leucine, which plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis. Our Essential Whey Protein Concentrate contains a quality assured protein developed using a special microfiltration process and provides 20g protein, 4.7g BCAAs and over 2g leucine per serving.

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Elite Whey Protein Isolate 90% - 30 Sachets

Whey protein is the most popular protein due to its speed of absorption and a full amino acid profile. However, there are different types of whey protein of which whey isolate is considered ‘king’ because of its purity. It is processed further than whey concentrate which results in lower fat and lactose content. Our Whey Protein Isolate is Informed-Sport accredited and provides 32g protein per serving.

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Elite HiLo Bars

Our Elite HiLo Protein Bar is not too dissimilar to The HiLo Bar. Each bar contains 20g protein and only 1-2g of sugar, making this truly worth of its name. An added 10g of fibre and our expert formulated MultiVital blend, containing 8 vitamins and minerals for energy and to aid protein synthesis sets this bar above the rest. The main difference is that this product carries Informed-Sport accreditation, essential for Elite athletes, and is available in a box of 24.

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