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Joanne heads into bear-country for her charity trek.

Posted 1 September 2012 12:00 AM by Healthspan Heroes
Joanne Trek

Joanne has been a Healthspan customer for the last 8 years and takes a range of products- including Glucosamine, Plant Sterols and Omega 3- to maintain a healthy heart, circulation and joints. Like so many people, she became a customer due to a recommendation- in her case coming from her parents who are also customers.

Joanne lives a full and busy life- mixing a full-time job in financial services with looking after 3 dogs, 2 horses and a flock of doves as well as continuing to pursue a passion for walking and hiking that stems from a childhood and adolescence in Yorkshire and Scotland. Over the last 5 years, training walks along the North Coastal path of Jersey have prepared Joanne for walking a number of organised treks all over the world- Nepal, Peru and Jordan- with a fundraising total to date of over £12,000.

This month, Joanne is taking part in a trek that she has organised with a close friend. They’ll be trekking for around 17 days and covering 250 miles- carrying all their kit with them along the way. She is raising money for Jersey Women’s Refuge, a charity she has raised money for in the past- the charity plays an important role in giving support and advice to women who, for whatever reason, need a hand to get back on their feet. Joanne points out "Many of us are lucky enough to never need that kind of support- but it is an incredible and vital service and I’m glad I can help in some way."

The Challenge:

Joanne and her friend are trekking through the Yosemite National Park & adjoining reserves in North America. They both went there as part of a larger group in 2012 and suggested at the time the idea of attempting the whole 250 mile trail but, in their own words they ‘were the only two mad enough to go back’.

They have had to plan their daily mileage meticulously, ensuring that each day they can reach suitable camping spots with a water supply- all their other supplies will be carried by them with Joanne lugging the equivalent of a 2-year old on her back each day. To prepare for this, her walks in the last few months have been in the company of a large chunk of granite in her backpack- for the trek itself this will be replaced with more nutritious freeze-dried food, clothing and camping equipment that includes a ‘bear canister’- an airtight capsule for food and toiletries to minimise attracting bears at night! "It’s OK’ says Joanne ‘The bears in this area are black bears and the advice is to make as much noise as possible to frighten them away if they appear. There are also 13 different types of snake, but only the rattlesnakes are dangerous.’ Her confidence and attention to detail are remarkable!

Healthspan will be accompanying Joanne in a few ways on her adventure- our Protein Complete soups will be on the lunch menu for a number of days, Joanne is taking Ginkgo Biloba to help alleviate altitude sickness and she’ll be sporting the Healthspan Customer Heroes logo on her jacket when needed: her award helping to pay for some of the freeze-dried foods that will keep her going over the 2 week period.

We look forward to hearing about her adventures when she returns and will share them with you here as soon as we can.

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