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Olympic Honour for Roger Allsopp- and another Channel swim?

Posted 18 July 2012 12:00 AM by Healthspan

As Roger Allsopp prepared his attempt to become the oldest person to swim across the English Channel last year, we nominated him to be an Olympic Torchbearer as part of this summer's relay.

Not only did Roger succeed in his quest to swim the Channel at the age of 70, he also raised the funds necessary to purchase cutting-edge research equipment for a cancer-research team based at Southampton University; due in no small part to a deluge of donations from our customers and staff as well as a sizeable personal donation from the then Healthspan CEO, Derek Coates.

It came as no suprise, then, that Roger's nomination to carry the Olympic Torch was also successful- seeing him run the first leg of the relay as the torch arrived in his native Guernsey at the weekend:

BBC Roger

Similarly unsurprising is the fact that Roger is pushing himself again- currently waiting in Dover as part of a 4-strong swimming team aiming to complete a relay crossing of the Channel as soon as the weather allows! With an average age of 63 they are also living the 'Live Younger' ethos of Roger's campaign last year and we wish them every luck with the weather and the tides.

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